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Consolidated indirectly issued capital means any capital instrument issued by a member of the UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group where:(1) some or all of the following conditions are satisfied:(a) that capital is issued to an SPV; or(b) that capital is issued by an SPV; or(c) the subscription for the capital issued by the member of the group in question is funded directly or indirectly by an SPV; and(2) any of the SPVs referred to in (1) is a member of the UK consolidation
Consolidated indirectly issued capital that is eligible for inclusion in the consolidated capital resources of a UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group may only be included as a minority interest created by the capital instrument issued by the SPV referred to in BIPRU 8.6.13 R. If it is eligible, it is innovative tier one capital.
The SPV referred to in BIPRU 8.6.13 R must satisfy the conditions in GENPRU 2.2.127 R (Conditions that an SPV has to satisfy if indirectly issued capital is to be included in capital resources on a solo basis) as modified by the following:(1) references in GENPRU 2.2.127R (1) to being controlled by the firm are to being controlled by a member of the firm'sUK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group as the case may be; and(2) references to the firm'sgroup are to the firm'sUK consolidation
The SPV referred to in BIPRU 8.6.13 R must invest the funds raised from the issue of capital by the SPV by subscribing for capital resources issued by an undertaking that is a member of the UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group. Those capital resources must satisfy the following conditions:(1) those capital resources must at least comply with the requirements for lower tier two capital; and(2) the first call date or fixed maturity date (if any) of those capital resources
LR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the listing rules are extracted from the Glossary.ActThe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission or admission to listing admission of securities to the official list .admission to tradingadmission of securities to trading on an RIE's market for listedsecurities.advertisement(as defined in the Prospectus Regulation51) a communication with both of the following characteristics51:(a)relating to a specific offer to the public