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FEES App 2 Annex 2 Periodic fees imposed under Regulation 27 of the OPBAS Regulations: tariff base, review date, tariff rates

1[Note: Regulation 27 of the OPBAS Regulations]

1Part 1

This table sets out the tariff base for the professional body supervisor fee-block. The tariff base in this Part is the means by which the FCA calculates the annual periodic fees payable by a professional body supervisor to the FCA.

D.2 Professional body supervisors

Supervised individuals

Professional bodies listed in Schedule 1 to the Money Laundering Regulations.

The total of:

(a) the number of all beneficial owners, officers and managers of all supervised firms that are relevant persons; plus

(b) the number of all supervised sole practitioners who are relevant persons.

Where a relevant person is supervised under the MLR by more than one professional body supervisor and the professional body supervisors concerned have agreed which one of them will include the number specified in (a) or (b) above in its count of ‘supervised individuals’, the remaining professional body supervisor(s) may exclude this information from their count of ‘supervised individuals’.

Part 2

This table sets out the review date for a professional body supervisor’s fees. A professional body supervisor is required to send to the FCA the information in Part 1 of this Annex as at the review date set out below, as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event by5 the date shown in FEES App 2.3.9 and/or any relevant transitional provision5.

D.2 Professional body supervisors

The most recent5 number of supervised individuals (calculated in accordance with Part 1) during the twelve months ending 5 April5 before the relevant fee year.

Part 3

This table sets out the tariff rates applicable to professional body supervisors.

Fee payable in relation to 2023/249


Amount payable 4


Minimum fee, payable by all professional body supervisors subject to the OPBAS Regulations.



Variable fee, payable by professional body supervisors where the number of supervised individuals is 6,000 or more.

£38.659 multiplied by the total number of supervised individuals in excess of the threshold of 6,00025.

[See Note]


[Note: reference to “5the number of supervised individuals”5 is to those supervised individuals calculated in accordance with Part 1.5]