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In the FSA's view, for a person to be carrying on the business of advising on investments or advising on regulated mortgage contracts he will usually need to be doing so with a degree of regularity and for commercial purposes – that is to say, he will normally be expecting to gain some kind of a direct or indirect financial benefit. But, in the FSA's view it is not necessarily the case that advice provided free of charge will not amount to a business. Advice is often given 'free'
Many people may be involved in the production of a periodical publication, news service or broadcast. But if the regulated activity of advising on investments is being carried on so that authorisation is required, the FSA's view is that the person carrying on the activity (and who will require authorisation) is the person whose business it is to have the editorial control over the content. In the case of a periodical publication, this will often be the proprietor. But particular
PERG 4.11.8GRP
The FSA's view of the effect of the Act and Regulated Activities Order in various territorial scenarios is set out in the remainder of this section. In those scenarios:(1) the term "service provider" is used to describe a person carrying on any of the regulated mortgage activities;(2) the term "borrower" refers to a borrower who is an individual and not a trustee; the position of a borrower acting as a trustee is not considered; and(3) it is assumed that the activity is not an
For the second disqualifying purpose, the focus switches to assessing whether the principal purpose of a publication or service is to lead a person to engage in a relevant transaction or enable him to do so. This disqualifying purpose is an alternative to the first. So it extends to material not covered by the first. In this respect:(1) material in a publication or service that invites or seeks to procure persons to engage in a relevant transaction can be said to "lead" to those
With effect from 31 October 2004 certain activities relating to mortgages have been regulated by the FSA. The purpose of this guidance is to help persons decide whether they need authorisation and, if they do, to determine the scope of the Part IV permission for which they will need to apply.
PERG 4.15.2GRP
So-called 'mortgage clubs' or 'wholesalers' essentially act as a distribution function for lenders, providing information to intermediaries about current deals available from a range of lenders. They provide information (often through an electronic sourcing system) in a way that helps intermediaries search the market effectively and, as such, do not deal directly with individual borrowers. If only engaged in these activities and without direct contact with individual borrowers,
A person will only need authorisation or exemption if he is carrying on a regulated activity 'by way of business' (see section 22 of the Act (Regulated activities)). There are, in fact, three different forms of business test applied to the regulated mortgage activities. In the FSA's view, however, the difference in the business tests should have little practical effect.
The purpose of this chapter is to provide guidance as to:(1) when a person involved in publishing periodicals, or in providing news services or broadcasts, requires authorisation to carry on the regulated activities of advising on investments or advising on regulated mortgage contracts (see PERG 7.3 (Does the activity require authorisation));(2) if he does, whether he qualifies for the exclusion from those activities that applies to a periodical publication, a regularly updated
A person who is concerned to know whether his proposed activities may require authorisation will need to consider the following questions (these questions are a summary of the issues to be considered and have been reproduced, in slightly fuller form, in the flowchart in PERG 4.18):(1) will I be carrying on my activities by way of business (see PERG 4.3.3 G (The business test))?(2) if so, will my activities relate to regulated mortgage contracts (see PERG 4.4 (What is a regulated
SUP 16.1.3RRP

Application of different sections of SUP 16


(1) Section(s)

(2) Categories of firm to which section applies

(3) Applicable rules and guidance

SUP 16.1,SUP 16.2andSUP 16.3

All categories of firm except:

Entire sections


an ICVC;


an incoming EEA firm or incoming Treaty firm, which is not:


a firm of a type to which SUP 16.6 or SUP 16.7 applies; or


an insurer with permission to effect or carry outlife policies; or


a firm with permission to establish, operate or wind up a stakeholder pension scheme;


a UCITS qualifier.

SUP 16.4 and SUP 16.52

All categories of firm except:

Entire sections


a credit union;2


an ICVC;


an incoming EEA firm;


an incoming Treaty firm;


a non-directive friendly society;




a sole trader;


a service company;


a UCITS qualifier;8



a firm with permission to carry on only retail investment activities;8


a firm with permission to carry on only insurance mediation activity, mortgage mediation activity, or both;8


a firm falling within both (i) and (j)8

SUP 16.6

Bank, ELMI

SUP 16.6.4 R to SUP 16.6.5 R

Depositary of an ICVC

SUP 16.6.6 R to SUP 16.6.9 G

OPS firm

SUP 16.6.6 R to SUP 16.6.8 R

Trustee of an AUT

SUP 16.6.6 R to SUP 16.6.9 G

SUP 16.7

Bank, other than an EEA bank with permission for cross border services only.1

SUP 16.7.7 R to SUP 16.7.15 R

Building society

SUP 16.7.16 R to SUP 16.7.19 R

Service company

SUP 16.7.20 R to SUP 16.7.21 R

Securities and futures firm (other than an oil market participant to which IPRU(INV) 3 does not apply)

SUP 16.7.22 R to SUP 16.7.34 G

Investment management firm

SUP 16.7.35 R to SUP 16.7.41 R

Authorised professional firm (note)

SUP 16.7.54 Rand SUP 16.7.54A R12

Society of Lloyd's

SUP 16.7.55 R to SUP 16.7.56 R and SUP 16.7.59 R (1) and SUP 16.7.59 R (2)

Members' adviser

SUP 16.7.57 R to SUP 16.7.58 R, SUP 16.7.59 R (3), SUP 16.7.60 G and SUP 16.7.61 G

Credit Union2

SUP 16.7.62 R to SUP 16.7.63 R2


SUP 16.7.64 R to SUP 16.7.66 R

UCITS management company6

6SUP 16.7.67 R to SUP 16.7.72 R

Member of a financial conglomerate10

SUP 16.7.82 R to SUP 16.7.83 R10

A firm not subject to other reporting requirements in SUP 16.7.1 G - SUP 16.7.75 R (nor to reporting requirements in IPRU(INS) or IPRU(FSOC)):81112

SUP 16.7.76 R to SUP 16.7.81 G8811


with permission to carry on one or more of:8


insurance mediation activity; or8


mortgage mediation activity; or8


mortgage lending; or8


mortgage administrating; or8


which is a personal investment firm811

SUP 16.8

Insurer with permission to effect or carry out life policies, unless it is a non-directive friendly society3

Entire section

3Firm with permission to establish, operate or wind up a stakeholder pension scheme

Entire section3

SUP 16.95

Firm with permission to advise on investments; arrange (bring about) deals in investments; make arrangements with a view to transactions in investments; or arrange safeguarding and administration of assets5

Entire section5

SUP 16.109

All categories of firm except:9

Entire section9


an ICVC;9


a UCITS qualifier; and9


a credit union.9

SUP 16.118

A firm, other than a managing agent, which is:8

Entire section8


a mortgage lender; or8


an insurer; or8


the operator of a regulated collective investment scheme or an investment trust savings scheme; or8


a person who issues or manages the relevant assets of the issuer of a structured capital-at-risk product8.