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DTR 1.4.5GRP
The decision-making procedures to be followed by the FCA when it:(1) requires the suspension of trading of a financial instrument; or(2) refuses an application by an issuer to lift a suspension of trading of a financial instrument2;are set out in DEPP1.1
EG 5.1.5RP
Some decisions2 on settlements and statutory notices arising from them are taken by two members of the FCA's senior management, rather than by the RDC (DEPP refers to these individuals as the 'settlement decision makers'). Full details of the special decision making arrangements for settlements are set out in DEPP 5. 1
EG 19.7.3RP
1The FCA will give a company a warning notice if it proposes to revoke the company’s authorisation and a decision notice if the decision to revoke the company’s authorisation is subsequently taken. The decisions to give a warning notice or a decision notice will be taken by the RDC following the procedures set out in DEPP 3.2 or, where appropriate, DEPP 3.3. A person who receives a decision notice under the OEIC Regulations may refer the matter to the Tribunal.
EG 19.17.3RP
1The FCA's approach to the use of its enforcement powers, and its statement of policy in relation to imposing and determining financial penalties under the RCB Regulations, are set out in RCB 4.2. The FCA's penalty policy includes having regard, where relevant, DEPP 6.5 to DEPP 6.5D and such other specific matters as the likely impact of the penalty on the interests of investors in the relevant bonds. The FCA's statement of procedure in relation to giving warning notices or decision
EG 4.13.2RP
1The FCA recognises that preliminary findings letters serve a very useful purpose in focussing decision making on the contentious issues in the case. This in turn makes for better quality and more efficient decision making. However, there are exceptional circumstances in which the FCA may decide it is not appropriate to send out a preliminary findings letter. This includes: (1) where the subject consents to not receiving a preliminary findings letter; or (2) where it is not practicable
RCB 4.2.3GRP
(1) When deciding whether to take enforcement action under Part 7 of the RCB Regulations, and what form that enforcement action should take, the FCA will consider all relevant factors, including:(a) the relevant factors on decisions to take action set out in DEPP 6.2.1 G;(b) whether any contractual or other arrangements agreed between the parties can be used effectively to address any perceived failure under the RCB Regulations; and(c) the interests of investors in the relevant
The FCA1 will consider the full circumstances of each case and determine whether it is appropriate to impose a suspension, restriction, condition,3 limitation or disciplinary prohibition3.2 The FCA1 will usually make this decision at the same time as it determines whether or not to impose a financial penalty or a public censure.11
For details of the FCA's procedures for the giving of notices see DEPP 2 (Statutory notices and allocation of decision making).10
3The FCA expects to impose a limitation in two situations. The FCA may impose a limitation where it considers it appropriate for an approval to cease to have effect:(1) after a certain period, unless the approved person demonstrates during the period of limitation that it is appropriate for them to be reapproved without the limitation;(2) after a short period, without giving the approved person the opportunity to demonstrate that they should be re-approved.The imposition of a
EG 19.6.1RP
1The RAO sets out those activities which are regulated for the purposes of the Act. Part V of the RAO also requires the FCA to maintain a register of all those people who are not authorised by the FCA but who carry on insurance mediation activities. Under article 95 RAO, the FCA has the power to remove from the register an appointed representative who carries on insurance mediation activities if it considers that he is not fit and proper. The FCA will give the person a warning
1This manual (DEPP) is relevant to firms, approved persons and other persons, whether or not they are regulated by the FCA.5 It sets out:5(1) the FCA's5 decision-making procedure for giving statutory notices. These are warning notices, decision notices and supervisory notices (DEPP 1.2 to DEPP 5);5(1A) the FCA's decision-making procedure in cases where the PRA is required to seek the FCA's consent before approving an application (a) for Part 4A permission; (b) for the variation
CREDS 10.1.3RP
ModuleRelevance to Credit UnionsThe Principles for Businesses (PRIN)The Principles for Businesses (PRIN) set out 3high-level requirements 3imposed by the FCA3. They provide a general statement of regulatory requirements. The Principles apply to all9credit unions. In applying the Principles to credit unions, the FCA3 will be mindful of proportionality. In practice, the implications are likely to vary according to the size and complexity 3of the credit union.99999Senior Management
PR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the prospectus rules are extracted from the Glossary.Actthe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission to tradingadmission to trading on a regulated market.advertisement(as defined in the PD Regulation) announcements:(1)relating to a specific offer to the public of securities or to an admission to trading on a regulated market; and(2)aiming to specifically promote the potential subscription or acquisition of securities.4applicantan