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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2012-12-13.

COBS Sch 1 Record keeping requirements

COBS Sch 1.1G

1The aim of the guidance in the following table is to give the reader a quick overall view of the relevant record keeping requirements.

COBS Sch 1.2G

It is not a complete statement of those requirements and should not be relied on as if it were.

COBS Sch 1.3G

Handbook reference

Subject of record

Contents of record

When record must be made

Retention period

COBS 2.3.17R (1)

Information disclosed to the client in accordance with COBS 2.3.1R (2)(b)2


The information disclosed2


When information is disclosed2


5 years from date information is given2


COBS 2.3.17R (2)

Each benefit given to another firm which does not have to be disclosed to the client in accordance with COBS 2.3.1R (2)(b)(ii)2


Each benefit given2


When benefit is given

5 years from date of benefit

COBS 3.8.2 R (1)

Standard form notice to clients and agreements under COBS 3

Each standard form notice and agreement

When standard form is first used

Relevant period from when the firm ceases to carry on business with clients under that standard form (see COBS 3.8.2 R (3))

COBS 3.8.2 R (2)

Client categorisation

Client categorisation and supporting information, evidence of dispatch to client of any notice (the notice itself where this differs from standard form) and a copy of any agreement entered into

From time of categorisation

Relevant period from when the firm ceases to carry on business with or for that client (see COBS 3.8.2 R (3))

COBS 4.11.1R (1)

Financial promotion

A financial promotion communicated or approved (subject to exemptions)

When communicated or approved

See COBS 4.11.1R (3)

COBS 4.11.1R (2)

Telemarketing scripts

Copy of any script used

Date script used

See COBS 4.11.1R (3)

COBS 4.11.2 G

Compliance of financial promotions

Firms encouraged to consider recording why a financial promotion is considered compliant.

Date of assessment of compliance

COBS 6.2.12 R

Information about the firm, services and information: packaged products

Scope and range of packaged products

Firm's scope and range - from date on which superseded by more up-to-date record

Client-specific records - from date of communication of personal recommendation.

5 years

5 years

COBS 6.3.11 R


Copy of each menu

From date on which it was updated or replaced

5 years

COBS 8.1.4 R

Client agreements

Documents setting out rights and obligations of the firm and the client

From date of agreement

From whichever is the longer of 5 years or the duration of the relationship with the client . Records relating to a pension transfer, pension opt-out or FSAVC must be retained indefinitely

COBS 9.2.9 R

Recommendations on friendly society life policies.

Why the recommendation is considered suitable

Date of recommendation.

5 years.

COBS 9.5.1 G


Client information for suitability report and suitability report

From date of suitability report

See COBS 9.5.2 R.

COBS 9.6.19 R

Basic advice

Decision to give basic advice, range used and basic advice summary prepared for retail client

Date on which basic advice given

5 years

COBS 9.6.20 R

Scope of basic advice (stakeholder products)

Scope of basic advice and its range (or ranges) of stakeholder products

Date on which the scope and range becomes relevant

5 years from the date replaced by more up-to-date record

COBS 10.7.1 G


Client information obtained in making assessment of appropriateness and the appropriateness assessment

Date of assessment

5 years

COBS 11.3.2 R

Client orders

Orders executed for clients

See COBS 11.5

5 years

COBS 11.5.1 EU

Client orders and decisions to deal in portfolio management

Orders received from clients and decisions taken - details in COBS 11.5.1 EU

See COBS 11.5.1 EU

5 years

COBS 11.5.2 EU

Client orders

Execution of orders

See COBS 11.5.1 EU

5 years

COBS 11.5.3 EU

Client orders

Transmission details (see COBS 11.5.3 EU)

Date of transmission

5 years

COBS 11.6.19 R

Prior and periodic disclosure

Prior and periodic disclosure on use of dealing commission

From date of disclosure to customers

5 years

COBS 11.7.4 R

Personal account dealing

Notifications by outsourcing provider and authorisation or prohibition.

Date of notification or decision.

5 years

3COBS 11.8.5 R

Telephone conversations and electronic communications subject to the taping obligation (see COBS 11.8.5 R)

Telephone conversations and electronic communications recorded under COBS 11.8.5 R

When the conversation or electronic communication is made, sent or received

6 months

COBS 12.4.6 R

Research recommendations

Basis of substantiation of research recommendation

Date of recommendation

5 years

COBS 15.3.4 R

Cancellation: exercise of right

Exercise of the right to cancel or withdraw

Date of exercise

As specified in COBS 15.3.4 R(1), (2) and (3)

COBS 16.2.7 R

Confirmation to clients

Copy of a confirmation

From date of despatch to client

MiFID or equivalent third country business - 5 years Other business - 3 years

COBS 16.3.11 R

Periodic statements

A copy of a periodic statement sent to a client

From date of despatch to client

MiFID or equivalent third country business - 5 years Other business - 3 years

COBS 16.6.6 R

Life insurance contracts

Information to be provided during the terms of the contract

When information is given

5 years after information given

COBS 18.5.14 R

Collective investment scheme operators

Periodic statement to be provided to participants

When provided

3 years

COBS 19.1.5 R

Execution only pension transfer or opt out

That no personal recommendation was given to the client

Date of transaction

5 years

COBS 19.2.3 R

Promotion of personal pension scheme

Why the promotion was justified

When promoted

5 years6

6COBS 20.2.36A R

strategic investments

A description of the strategic purpose for which a strategic investment has been purchased or retained

Before making a strategic investment or when reviewing whether to retain a strategic investment

Until the firm ceases to hold the strategic investment in question

COBS 20.3.1 R


Each version of the PPFM

Date on which the PPFM is relevant

5 years


Client categorisation transitional

Categorisation or re-categorisation under TP1

Date of categorisation/ re-categorisation

See COBS 3.8.2 R (2)


Investment research transitional

Election to comply with COBS 12.2 - COBS 12.3 sooner than 1 May 2008

Date of decision and date from which election is to be effective

5 years


Specialist regimes

Election to comply with COBS 18 sooner than 1 May 2008

Date of decision and date from which election is to be effective

5 years