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      1. (1) (except in52 relation to521770 ICOBS 70 , MCOB 3 and CASS 517) a client who is not 52an eligible counterparty for the relevant purposes52.143
      1. (2) (in52 relation to52 MCOB 3 14 17 ) a person in (1) or a person who would be such a person if he were a client.
      1. (3) (in relation to5270 ICOBS 70 ) a person who is44 a policyholder, or a prospective policyholder44 but (except in70 ICOBS 2 70 (general 70matters70), 70 and (in respect of 70that chapter70)70 ICOBS 1 70 (application70)) excluding a policyholder or prospective policyholder who does not make the arrangements preparatory to him concluding the contract of insurance44.17
      1. (4) (in relation to52 CASS 5) a client.17