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PERG 2.7.21GRP
Agreeing to carry on most regulated activities is itself a regulated activity. But this is not the case if the underlying activities to which the agreement relates are those of accepting deposits, issuing electronic money,10effecting or carrying out contracts of insurance, operating a multilateral trading facility, operating an organised trading facility26, managing dormant account funds, the meeting of repayment claims75, managing a UCITS, acting as trustee or depositary of a
DISP 2.8.10GRP
713Where a complaint meets the requirements of DISP 2.8.9R(2)(d), those parts of the complaint that relate to the grounds of rejection of the claim are not subject to the restriction in DISP 2.8.9R(1) on an Ombudsman considering the complaint.
SUP 16.12.4RRP
Table of applicable rules containing data items4, frequency and submission periods(1)(2)(3)(4)RAGnumberRegulated ActivitiesProvisions containing:applicabledata itemsreporting frequency/ perioddue date323227121237RAG 1 • accepting deposits • meeting of repayment claims76 managing dormant account funds (including the investment of such funds)76RAG 1 firms should complete their prudential reporting requirements as set out in the PRA Rulebook.76RAG 2.1• effecting contracts of insurance•