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(1) 1This section applies to:(a) an authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme, a depositary, an ICVC and any other director of an ICVC which is a UCITS scheme.3(b) [deleted]3(2) [deleted]3(3) [deleted]3
For a depositary to be established in the United Kingdom, it must have its registered office 4in the United Kingdom.
(1) (a) If a depositary performs part of its functions through a branch in an 4EEA State, this is not a delegation by the depositary of its functions to a third party.(b) This is because ‘third party’ in COLL 6.6B.22R means any party that is not part of the same legal entity as the depositary.(2) [deleted]4(3) (a) A depositary that performs part of its functions through a branch in an EEA State 4 should ensure that those arrangements do not impede the depositary’s ability to meet
(1) 8This rule applies to:(a) an authorised fund manager17of an AUT, ACS10 or an ICVC where such AUT, ACS10 or ICVC is a UCITS scheme13; and17(aa) 13a small authorised UK AIFM that is the authorised fund manager of an AUT, ACS or an ICVC that is a non-UCITS retail scheme.17(b) [deleted]17(2) The authorised fund manager has the power to retain the services of any person to assist it in the performance of its functions, provided that:(a) a mandate in relation to managing investments
COLL 6.12.1RRP
1This section applies to an authorised fund manager and a depositary of a UCITS scheme.6
13(1) 13This section applies to an ICVC, an ACD, an authorised fund manager17 of an AUT or ACS and17 a depositary of an ICVC, AUT or ACS17 where such ICVC, AUT or ACS17 is a UCITS scheme, in accordance with COLL 5.2.2 R (Table of application).17171717(2) [deleted]2513
8(1) 8Subject to (3) and (4), this12 section applies to an authorised fund manager, a depositary, an ICVC and any other director of an ICVC.(2) [deleted]13(3) The following rules and guidance do not apply to an authorised fund manager, a depositary, an ICVC, or any other director of an ICVC where the authorised fund is a regulated money market fund: 12(a) COLL 6.3.3R;12(b) COLL 6.3.3DR;12(c) COLL 6.3.4R(1) and (3) to (6D);12(d) COLL 6.3.5R; and12(e) COLL 6.3.5AR to COLL 6.3.5CG.12(4)
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) [deleted]66(2) [deleted]66(3) Friendly Societies Act 1992, section 58A1: The warning notice and decision notice must set out the terms of the direction which the FCA6 proposes or has decided to give and any specification of when the friendly society is to comply with it. A decision notice given under section 58A(3) must give an indication of the society's right, given by
1Subject to the exemptions in SYSC 10A.1.4R, this chapter applies to a firm:(1) that is a:(a) MiFID investment firm3; or(b) full-scope UK AIFM; or(c) small authorised UK AIFM or residual CIS operator; or(d) [deleted]3(e) UCITS management company; or(f) MiFID optional exemption firm, performing activities covered by the exemption; or(g) [deleted]3(h) third country investment firm; or(i) that carries on activities referred to in the general application rule related to:(i) commodity