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COBS 18.5.5RRP
A small authorised UK AIFM of an unauthorised AIF or a residual CIS operator6 must not accept a retail client as an investor in the fund6 unless it has taken reasonable steps to offer and, if requested, provide to the potential investor, fund6 documents which adequately describe how thefund6 is governed.666
COBS 18.5.6GRP
The fund documents required under COBS 18.5.5 R6 may consist of any number of documents provided that it is clear that collectively they constitute the fund6 documents and provided the use of several documents in no way diminishes the significance of any of the statements which are required to be given to the potential investor.6666
COBS 18.5.7GRP
The fund documents of an unauthorised fund managed by a small authorised UK AIFM or a residual CIS operator (if those fund documents6 exist) should make it clear that if an investor6 is reclassified as a retail client, this reclassification will not affect certain activities of the firm6. In particular, despite such a reclassification, the firm6 will not be required to comply with the best execution provisions. It should be noted that there is no requirement that fund6 documents
COBS 18.5.8RRP
Where the fund is an unauthorised fund managed by a small authorised UK AIFM or a residual CIS operator6 and no current investor6 in the fund6 was a retail client when it invested in the fund6, the fund6 documents must include a statement that:66666(1) explains that if an investor6 is reclassified as a retail client subsequent to investing in the fund6, then the firm6 may continue to treat all investors in the fund6 as though they were not retail clients; 6666(2) explains that
COBS 18.5.10ERP
(1) In order to provide adequate information to describe how the fund6 is governed, a small authorised UK AIFM of an unauthorised AIF or a residual CIS operator6 should include in the fund6 documents a provision about each of the items of relevant information set out in the following table (Content of fund6 documents).666(2) Compliance with (1) may be relied on as tending to establish compliance with COBS 18.5.5 R.(3) Contravention of (1) may be relied on as tending to establish
6Firms providing information to clients, and communicating information, about an innovative finance ISA should also have regard to the guidance in COBS 4.5.9G.
COBS 14.3.8RRP
The documents and information provided in accordance with the rules in this section must be in a durable medium or available on a website (where that does not constitute a durable medium) that meets2 the website conditions.8
COBS 14.3.9RRP
(1) The information to be provided in accordance with the rules in this section must be provided in good time before a firm carries on designated investment business8 with or for a retail client.(2) A firm may provide that information immediately after it begins to carry on that business if:(a) the firm was unable to comply with (1) because, at the request of the client, the agreement was concluded using a means of distance communication which prevented the firm from complying
COBS 14.3.10RRP
A firm must notify a client in good time about any material change to the information provided under the rules in this section which is relevant to a service that the firm is providing to that client. That notification must be given in a durable medium if the information to which it relates is given in a durable medium.8
6When preparing a key features document for pension annuity and drawdown pension options firms should consider the information requirements for firms communicating with clients about their pension decumulation product options in COBS 19.4.12R and COBS 19.4.14R.
COBS 13.3.2RRP
TableA key features document for a non-PRIIP packaged product8 must:(1)Include the title: ‘key features of the [name of product]’;(2)describe the product in the order of the following headings, and by giving the following information under those headings:HeadingInformation to be given‘Its aims’A brief description of the product’s aims‘Your commitment’ or ‘Your investment’What a retail client is committing to or investing in and any consequences of failing to maintain the commitment
COBS 13.3.3RRP
COBS 13.3.4RRP
COBS 16.3.5RRP
For the purposes of calculating the unit price in the trade confirmation information or periodic information, where the order is executed in tranches, the firm may supply the client with information about the price of each tranche or the average price. If the average price is provided, the firm must supply the retail client with information about the price of each tranche upon request.3
COBS 16.3.9GRP
When providing a periodic statement to a retail client, a firm should consider whether to include:(1) the collateral value in respect of any contingent liability transaction in the client's portfolio during the relevant period; and(2) option account valuations in respect of each open option written by the client in the client's portfolio at the end of the relevant period; stating:(a) the share, future, index or other investment involved;(b) the trade price and date for the opening
COBS 19.4.12RRP
4When a firm communicates with a retail client about their pension annuity options the firm must provide the client with information about how their circumstances can affect retirement income calculations and payments for pension annuities offered by the firm and on the open market.
COBS 14.2.1RRP
1A firm that sells:(1) a non-PRIIP packaged product17 to a retail client, must provide a key features document and a key features illustration2 to that client (unless the packaged product is a unit in a regulated collective investment scheme17);777(2) a life policy to a client, must provide:20131313(a) the Solvency II Directive information to that client;20(b) a client with objective and relevant information about the policy:20(i) in a comprehensible form to allow the client to
COBS 13.6.1RRP
1A firm that agrees to facilitate3 the payment of an adviser charge or consultancy charge, or an increase in such a charge, from a new or3 in-force packaged product, must prepare sufficient information for the retail client to be able to understand the likely effect of that facilitation, in good time before it takes effect2.2
A firm must make at least the following information easily, directly and permanently accessible to the recipients of the information society services it provides:(1) its name;(2) the geographic address at which it is established;(3) the details of the firm, including its e-mail address, which allow it to be contacted rapidly and communicated with in a direct and effective manner;(4) an appropriate statutory status disclosure statement (GEN 4 Annex 1 R or GEN 4 Annex 1A R as appropriate3),
COBS 13.1.1RRP
1A firm must prepare:2(1) a key features document for each non-PRIIP packaged product8, cash-deposit ISA, cash-only lifetime ISA7 and cash-deposit CTF it produces2; and2(2) a key features illustration for each non-PRIIP packaged product8 it produces;2in good time before 2those documents have to be provided.
COBS 13.1.2RRP
A firm must prepare the Solvency II Directive information6 for each life policy it effects:6(1) in a clear and accurate manner and in writing; and6(2) in an official language of the State of the commitment, or in another language if the policyholder so requests and the law of the State of the commitment so permits or the policyholder is free to choose the law applicable;6in good time before that information has to be provided. [Note: article 185(1) and (6) of the Solvency II
COBS 13.1.3RRP
A firm is not required to prepare:(1) a document, if another firm has agreed to prepare it; or(2) a key features document for:(a) a unit in a regulated collective investment scheme8; or 3(b) [deleted]833(c) [deleted]8(d) a stakeholder pension scheme, or personal pension scheme that is not a personal pension policy, if the information appears with due prominence in another document; or(e) an interest in an investment trust savings scheme; or8(3) 2 a key features illustration:32(a)
COBS 13.2.2RRP
A key features document and a key features illustration2must also:(1) (if it is a key features document) 2be produced and presented to at least the same quality and standard as the sales or marketing material used to promote the relevant product;(2) (if it is a key features document) 2display the firm's brand at least as prominently as any other;(3) (if it is a key features document or a key features illustration which does not form an integral part of the key features document)
COBS 13.4.1RRP
1 A key features illustration must include appropriate charges information, information about any interest that will be paid to clients on money held within a personal pension scheme bank account5 and, if it is a non-PRIIP packaged product8 which is not a financial instrument:(1) must include a standardised deterministic projection;(2) the projection and charges information must be consistent with each other so that:66(a) the same intermediate growth rate and assumptions about
COBS 18.9.1RRP
12(1) The financial promotion rules in COBS apply to an ICVC, except that COBS 4.13 (UCITS) applies only to an ICVC that is a UCITS scheme.2(2) COBS 14.2 (Providing product information to clients) applies to an ICVC that is a UCITS scheme.2(3) 4COBS 2.2B (SRD requirements) applies to an ICVC that is a UCITS scheme without a separate management company.