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MAR 1.1.4GRP
(1) Assistance in the interpretation of MAR 1 (and the remainder of the Handbook) is given in the Readers' Guide to the Handbook and in GEN 2 (Interpreting the Handbook). This includes an explanation of the status of the types of provision used (see in particular chapter six of the Readers' Guide to the Handbook).(2) [deleted]5
GEN 5.1.10RRP
12A firm must not use the FCA logo (and must take all reasonable steps to ensure that its representatives do not use the FCA logo) in any communication with a client other than in accordance with any individual licence granted by the FCA to the firm or its representatives.
SUP 10A.12.2GRP

Table: FCA-approved persons forms



Handbook requirement

the relevant Form A

SUP 10C Annex 3D7


Application to perform controlled functions under the approved persons regime

SUP 10A.13.3 D

Form B

SUP 10C Annex 4R5

Notice to withdraw an application to perform controlled functions under the approved persons regime

SUP 10A.13.19 R

Form C

SUP 10C Annex 5R5

Notice of ceasing to perform controlled functions

SUP 10A.14.8 R

Form D

SUP 10C Annex 6R5

Notification of changes in personal information or application details

SUP 10A.14.15 R

Form E

SUP 10C Annex 7D7


Internal transfer of an approved person

SUP 10A.14.4 D




COLL 12.4.5RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme whose units are being marketed in a Host State must ensure that investors within the territory of that Host State are provided with all the information and documents which it is required by the Handbook to provide to investors in the United Kingdom.(2) The information and documents referred to in (1) must be provided to investors in the way prescribed by the laws, regulations or administrative provisions of the Host State and in
(1) The controlled functions specified by the FCA for credit unions and other SMCR firms3 can be found in the table in SUP 10C.4.3R.2 The table in SUP 10C Annex 1 3.2R sets out which of them apply to credit unions.311(2) The controlled functions specified by the PRA for credit unions and other SMCR firms3 can be found in the PRA’s Rulebook. They are not summarised in the Handbook.2
(1) The definition of group of connected clients is set out in the Glossary. Paragraph (2) of that definition is "two or more persons ... who are to be regarded as constituting a single risk because they are so interconnected that, if one of them were to experience financial problems, the other or all of the others would be likely to encounter repayment difficulties".(2) Say that a firm has exposures to A and B. When deciding whether A and B come within paragraph (2) of the definition
SUP 15.6.1RRP
A firm must take reasonable steps to ensure that all information it gives to the FCA3 in accordance with a rule in any part of the Handbook (including Principle 11) is:99(1) factually accurate or, in the case of estimates and judgements5, fairly and properly based after appropriate enquiries have been made by the firm; and(2) complete, in that it should include anything of which the FCA3 would reasonably expect notice.99
Firms are reminded that other parts of the FCA Handbook and PRA Handbook also apply to credit-related regulated activities. For example, the arrangements for supervising firms, including applicable reporting obligations, are described in the Supervision manual (SUP) and the detailed requirements for handling complaints are set out in the Dispute Resolution: Complaints sourcebook (DISP). The Client Assets sourcebook (CASS) also contains rules about client money that apply in certain
SYSC 22.9.4GRP
If a firm is asked to give a reference in circumstances where the record keeping requirements in SYSC 22.9.1R do not apply:(1) it is still required to give the reference;(2) it should give the reference based on the records it does have; and(3) it will not breach the requirements of this chapter by failing to include information in a reference if the reason for this is that it does not have the necessary records, as long as it is not required to have those records by some other
GEN 4.5.5GRP
(1) The general purpose of this sourcebook is to contribute to the FCA meeting its statutory objectives of the protection of consumers. It provides a regime of product regulation for authorised funds, which sets appropriate standards of protection for investors by specifying a number of features of those products and how they are to be operated.(2) In addition, this sourcebook implemented6 part of the requirements of the UCITS Directive6relevant to authorised funds and management
LR 1.1.1RRP
1LR applies as follows:(1) all of LR (other than LR 8.3, LR 8.4, LR 8.6 and LR 8.7) applies to an issuer; and(2) LR 1, LR 8.1, LR 8.3, LR 8.4, LR 8.6 and LR 8.7 apply to a sponsor and a person applying for approval as a sponsor.Note: when exercising its functions under Part VI of the Act, the FCA may use the name: the UK Listing Authority.Other relevant parts of HandbookNote: Other parts of the Handbook that may also be relevant to issuers or sponsors include DTR (the Disclosure
SUP 15.2.1GRP
A firm is required to provide the FCA2 with a wide range of information to enable the FCA2 to meet its responsibilities for monitoring the firm's compliance with requirements imposed by or under the Act. Some of this information is provided through regular reports, including those set out in SUP 16 (Reporting requirements) and SUP 17 (Transaction reporting). In addition, other chapters in the Handbook set out specific notification and reporting requirements. Principle 11 includes
In determining whether or not the particular conduct of a person complies with the rules in COCON, factors the FCA would expect to take into account include: (1) whether that conduct relates to activities that are subject to other provisions of the Handbook; (2) whether that conduct is consistent with the requirements and standards of the regulatory system relevant to the person'sfirm.
(1) 5Except for (2), all provisions of the Handbook that apply:(a) to a feeder UCITS are also applicable to a pension feeder fund that is constituted as a UCITS scheme; and(b) to a feeder NURS are also applicable to a pension feeder fund that is constituted as a non-UCITS retail scheme.(2) A pension feeder fund may not invest in units of an EEA UCITS scheme unless that scheme is a recognised scheme6(see COLL 5.6.27R and COLL 5.8.2AR).
A firm must comply with the obligations under the following provisions of MiFID, in the course of operating an OTF:(1) articles 16(2), 16(3) (first subparagraph), 16(4), 16(5), 16(6), 16(7), 16(8), 16(9), and 16(10);(2) articles 24(1), (3), (4), (5), (9), (10) and (11);(3) articles 25(3) (except to the extent that article 25(4) applies), 25(5), and 25(6) (to the extent applicable);(4) article 27; and(5) article 28. [Note: article 20(8) of MiFID. The above MiFID provisions are
REC 1.2.3GRP
(1) This sourcebook contains quotations from the Act, the Recognition Requirements Regulations, 6the RAP regulations,7 the Companies Act 19895and, where necessary, words have been added to, or substituted for, the text of these provisions to facilitate understanding.352(2) The additions and substitutions are enclosed in square brackets ([ ]). The omission of words within a quotation is indicated by three dots (...).(3) Any words in these quotations which have the same meaning
(1) The nature and extent of the systems and controls which a firm will need to maintain under SYSC 3.1.1 R will depend upon a variety of factors including:(a) the nature, scale and complexity of its business;(b) the diversity of its operations, including geographical diversity;(c) the volume and size of its transactions; and(d) the degree of risk associated with each area of its operation.(2) To enable it to comply with its obligation to maintain appropriate systems and controls,
RCB 1.1.4GRP
This section refers to some of the other parts of the FCA Handbook and PRA Handbook9 which may be relevant to regulated covered bonds.9
Other relevant parts of HandbookNote: Other parts of the Handbook that may also be relevant to persons to whom the transparency rules apply include DEPP (Decision Procedure and Penalties Manual) and 2Chapter 9 of SUP (the Supervision manual).The following Regulatory Guides are also relevant:21. The Enforcement Guide (EG)22. [intentionally blank]23Note: A list of regulated markets can be found on the FCA website.22