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(1) An annual report, other than for a scheme which is an umbrella, must contain:(a) the accounts for the annual accounting period prepared in accordance with the requirements of the IMA SORP;7(b) the report of the authorised fund manager in accordance with COLL 8.3.5C R (Authorised fund manager's report);(bA) comparative information in accordance with COLL 4.5.10R (1A) and (2A) (Comparative information);14(c) the report of the depositary in accordance with COLL 8.3.5D R (Report
The report of the authorised fund manager must include:(1) a review of the investment activities during the period to which the report relates;(1A) a portfolio statement prepared in accordance with the requirements of the IMA SORP;14(1B) in the case of an umbrella which has more than one sub-fund, particulars in the form of a table showing, as at the end of the period to which the report relates:14(a) for each sub-fund, the number of units in that sub-fund that were held by a
COBS 20.2.26RRP
A proprietary firm must not charge to a with-profits fund any amounts paid or payable to a skilled person in connection with a report under section 166 of the Act (Reports by skilled persons) if the report indicates that the firm has, or may have, materially failed to satisfy its obligations under the regulatory system1.1
COBS 20.2.48GRP
A reattribution expert's report should comply with the applicable rules on expert evidence. The scope and content of the report should be substantially similar to that of the report required of an independent expert under SUP 18.2 (Insurance business transfers), as if (where appropriate) a reference to:(1) the 'scheme report' was a reference to the 'reattribution expert's report';(2) the 'independent expert' was a reference to the 'reattribution expert'; and(3) the 'scheme' was
SUP 16.12.30BRRP
47An authorised professional firm that is a CASS debt management firm and is not within SUP 16.12.1G (3A) must complete the appropriate reports specified in SUP 16.12.4 R and SUP 16.12.29C R.
SUP 16.12.31RRP

2Table of data items from an authorised professional firm


Return (note 1)

Frequency (Note 4)24

Due date

Adequate information relating to the following activities:

RMAR (Note 3)

Half yearly (quarterly for sections A to E for larger firms, subject to Note 3 exemptions) (note 2)

For half yearly report: 30 business days after period end For quarterly report: 30 business days after quarter end

(1) insurance mediation activity;

(2) mortgage mediation activity;

(3) retail investment activity;

(4) advising on, or arranging deals in, packaged products, or managing investments for private customers where these activities are the authorised professional firm's "main business" as determined by IPRU(INV) 2.1.2 R (3)

Adequate information relating to mortgage lending and mortgage administration.



20 business days after quarter end

Note 1

When giving the report required, a firm must use the return indicated. The RMAR and MLAR are located at SUP 16 Annex 18A and SUP 16 Annex 19A respectively. Guidance on the completion of the data items are located at SUP 16 Annex 18B and SUP 16 Annex 19B respectively.

Note 2

For the purposes of RMAR reporting, a larger firm is a firm whose annual regulated business revenue in its previous financial year was greater than £5m. Annual regulated business revenue for these purposes is a firm's total revenue relating to insurance mediation activity, mortgage mediation activity and retail investment activity.

Note 3

A firm which submits an MLAR is not required to submit sections A and B of the RMAR.

Note 4

Reporting dates are calculated from a firm'saccounting reference date.

DISP App 1.6.3GRP
34A product provider should ensure that the method it adopts for valuing augmentation benefits is consistent with the statements made in the documentation published about the windfall event. Relevant documentation for the purpose of valuing such benefits will include (but is not limited to):22(1) Any description of increases in benefits in any circular to policyholders (and any other public information relating to the event);(2) Any principles of financial management established
LR 13.6.1RRP
A related party circular must also include:(1) in all cases the following information referred to in the PD Regulation relating to the company:Paragraph of Annex 1 of the PD Regulation;(a) Annex 1 item 5.1.1 – Issuer name;(b) Annex 1 item 5.1.4 – Issuer address;(c) Annex 1 item 18.1 – Major shareholders;(d) Annex 1 item 20.9 – Significant changes;(e) Annex 1 item 22 – Material contracts (if it is information which shareholders of the company would reasonably require to make a
In discharging its obligations under CASS 6.3.1 R,6 a firm should also consider, as appropriate,6 together with any other relevant matters:6(1) the third party's performance of its services to the firm;6(2) the arrangements that the third party has in place for holding and safeguarding the safe custody asset;22(3) current industry standard reports, for example "Assurance reports on internal controls of services organisations made available to third parties" made in line with Technical
DTR 8.4.35RRP
If a primary information provider learns of a breach of its security it must:(1) notify the FCA immediately; and (2) provide the FCA as soon as possible with a report containing details of the security breach and the steps taken to rectify it.
REC 3.8.3RRP
Where an audit committee of a UK recognised body has prepared a report in relation to any period or any matter relating to any relevant function of that UK recognised body, the UK recognised body must immediately give the FCA1a copy of that report.1
REC 2.16.4GRP
In determining whether a UK recognised body's arrangements for the investigation of complaints include appropriate arrangements for the complaint to be fairly and impartially investigated by an independent person (a "complaints investigator"), the FCA3 may have regard to:3(1) the arrangements made for appointing (and removing) a complaints investigator, including the terms and conditions of such an appointment and the provision for remuneration of a complaints investigator; (2)
3For home reversion plans, the firm must provide the customer with copies of the valuation report for the property and the terms of the home reversion plan including the terms on which he will occupy the property, together with the offer document.
SUP 5.6.4GRP
2A firm may provide information that would otherwise be subject to a contractual or other requirement to keep it in confidence if it is provided for the purposes of anything required to be done in respect of the skilled person's collection or updating of information under section 166A (Appointment of skilled person to collect and update information) of the Act.
SUP 10C.10.27GRP
The FCA will deal with cases more quickly than this whenever circumstances allow and will try to meet the standard response times published on the website and in its Annual Report. However, the processing time will be longer than the published standard response times if:(1) an application is incomplete when received; or(2) the FCA has knowledge that, or reason to believe that, the information is incomplete.
RCB 2.3.19GRP
The FCA's use of its power under Regulation 12 of the RCB Regulations (requirement of further information to determine application) may include requiring the issuer to provide copies of the advice or reports referred to in RCB 2.3.16 D to the FCA.
LR 3.3.6RRP
An applicant must keep copies of the following for six years after the admission to listing2:2(1) any agreement to acquire any assets, business or shares4 in consideration for or in relation to which the company's shares4are being issued;44(2) any letter, report, valuation, contract or other documents referred to in the prospectus, listing particulars, circular or other document issued in connection with those shares;44(3) the applicant'sconstitution as at the date of admission;(4)
SUP 16.4.1GRP
This section applies to every firm except those firms excluded from its operation by SUP 16.1.1 R and SUP 16.1.3 R. 632
COLL 8.4.11RRP
(1) Any investment in land or a building held within the scheme property of a qualified investor scheme must be in an immovable within (2).(2) For an immovable :(a) it must be situated in a country or territory identified in the prospectus;(b) the authorised fund manager must have taken reasonable care to determine that the title to the interest in the immovable is a good marketable title; and(c) the authorised fund manager of an AUT or ACS9 or the ICVC must have received a report
LR 14.3.6RRP
A company2 must forward to the FCA, for publication through the document viewing facility, two copies of:2(1) all circulars, notices, reports or other documents to which the listingrules apply, at the same time as any such documents are issued; and(2) all resolutions passed by the company other than resolutions concerning ordinary business at an annual general meeting, as soon as possible after the relevant general meeting.
DTR 6.3.5RRP
(1) Regulated information, other than regulated information described in paragraph (2), must be communicated to the media in unedited full text. [Note: article 12(3) of theTD implementing directive]11(2) (a) An annual financial report that is required by DTR 4.1 to be made public is not required to be communicated to the media in unedited full text except for the information described in paragraph (b).(b) If information is of a type that would be required to be disseminated in