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financial institution


      1. (1) [deleted]12595
      1. (2) [deleted]139125125
      1. (3) 125(except in (5))139 has the meaning in article 4(1)(26) of the UK CRR125.
      1. (4) [deleted]139125125
      1. (5) (for the purposes of MIFIDPRU) an undertaking that fulfils the following conditions:139
        1. (a) it is a financial holding company, a mixed financial holding company, an investment holding company, an authorised payment institution or an asset management company, AIFM or any other undertaking the principal activity of which is to acquire holdings or to pursue one or more of the activities listed in points 2 to 12, point 15 and the final paragraph of the Annex 1 activities; and139
        1. (b) it is not:139
          1. (i) a UK credit institution;139
          1. (ii) a MIFIDPRU investment firm;139
          1. (iii) a pure industrial holding company; or139
          1. (iv) an insurance holding company or mixed-activity insurance holding company, as defined in the PRA Rulebook.139