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energy market participant

      1. 90
        1. a firm:
          1. (a) whose permission:
            1. (i) includes a requirement127 that the firm must not carry on any designated investment business other than energy market activity;
            1. (ii) does not include a requirement127 that it comply with IPRU-INV -link- 5 (Investment management firms) or 13 (Personal investment firms); and
          1. (b) which is not an authorised professional firm, bank, BIPRU firm 127(unless it is an exempt BIPRU commodities firm), IFPRU investment firm (unless it is an exempt IFPRU commodities firm), building society, credit union, friendly society, ICVC, insurer, MiFID investment firm (unless it is an exempt BIPRU commodities firm or exempt IFPRU commodities firm), media firm, oil market participant, service company, insurance intermediary, home finance administrator, home finance provider, incoming EEA firm (without a top-up permission), 127incoming Treaty firm (without a top-up permission) or regulated benchmark administrator127.