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UK parent investment firm

    92a MIFIDPRU investment firm that:

      1. (1) is part of an investment firm group;
      1. (2) holds a participation in, has a subsidiary that is, or for the purposes of MIFIDPRU 2.5 is the deemed parent undertaking of:
        1. (a) a MIFIDPRU investment firm;
        1. (b) a designated investment firm;
        1. (c) a financial institution;
        1. (d) an ancillary services undertaking;
        1. (e) a tied agent; or
        1. (f) a credit institution; and
      1. (3) is not a subsidiary of:
        1. (a) a MIFIDPRU investment firm; or
        1. (b) an investment holding company or mixed financial holding company that is incorporated in the UK or that has its principal place of business in the UK.