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non-UK DLG by modification (DLG level)

    35(in relation to any reporting period under SUP 16 (Reporting requirements) and in relation to a firm that meets the following conditions (a group liquidity reporting firm):

      1. (a) it is a UK ILAS BIPRU firm with an intra-group liquidity modification;
      1. (b) it is a group liquidity reporting firm in a UK DLG by modification created by that intra-group liquidity modification;
      1. (c) the overall liquidity adequacy rule applies under that intra-group liquidity modification to that UK DLG by modification; and
      1. (d) that UK DLG by modification can rely, under that intra-group liquidity modification, for any part of that period, on a group of other persons for the purpose of the overall liquidity adequacy rule as applied to that UK DLG by modification);

    means the group made up of the following:

      1. (e) that ILAS BIPRU firm;
      1. (f) the other members of that UK DLG by modification; and
      1. (g) the group of other persons mentioned in (d).

    A firm has a 'non-UK DLG by modification (DLG level)' for a period even if it only has one during part of that period.

    (Guidance about this definition, and its inter-relation with other new definitions, is set out in SUP 16 Annex 26 (Guidance on designated liquidity groups in SUP 16.12).)