Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2016-10-03.

MiFID investment firm

      1. 88
        1. (in summary) a firm to which MiFID applies including, for some purposes only, a credit institution and collective portfolio management investment firm.(in full) a firm which is:
          1. (1) an investment firm with its head office in the EEA (or, if it has a registered office, that office);
          1. (2) a CRD credit institution (only when providing an investment service or activity in relation to the rules implementing the Articles referred to in Article 1(2) of MiFID);
          1. (3) a collective portfolio management investment firm (only when providing the services referred to in article 6(4) AIFMD or Article 6(3) of the UCITS Directive in relation to the rules implementing the articles of MiFID referred to in article 6(6) of AIFMD or Article20 6(4) of the UCITS Directive and for a full-scope UK AIFM the rules implementing article 12(2)(b) of AIFMD);
        1. unless, and to the extent that, MiFID does not apply to it as a result of Article 2 (Exemptions) or Article 3 (Optional exemptions) of MiFID.