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      1. (1) (in COMP) a valid claim made in respect of a civil liability:195
        1. (a) owed by a relevant person to the claimant; or195
        1. (b) owed by a relevant person to the claimant and responsibility for which has been assumed by a successor; or195
        1. (c) owed by a successor to the claimant as a result of the successor’s assumption of responsibility for liabilities arising out of the acts or omissions of a relevant person.195
      1. (2) (in 52 21 2370 INSPRU 48 4870 and 70 SUP 70) a claim under a contract of insurance.315232127
      1. (3) (in CMCOB, and elsewhere in the FCA Handbook where used in relation to regulated claims management activity and ancillary activity) any claim for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other remedy or relief in respect of loss or damage or in respect of an obligation, whether the claim is made or could be made:228
        1. (a) by way of legal proceedings;228
        1. (b) in accordance with a scheme of regulation (whether voluntary or compulsory); or228
        1. (c) in pursuance of a voluntary undertaking.228