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SUP 4.1 Application

SUP 4.1.1RRP

This chapter applies to:

  1. (1)

    every firm within a category listed in column (1) of the table in SUP 4.1.3 R; and

  2. (2)

    every actuary appointed under this chapter3;


in accordance with column (2) of that table.

SUP 4.1.2GRP

This chapter applies to long-term insurers (including friendly societies) and other friendly societies and to the Society of Lloyd's and managing agents at Lloyd's2. This chapter does not apply to actuaries advising the auditors of long-term insurers under IPRU(INS) 9.35(1A) or IPRU(FSOC) 5.11(2A), as they are not appointed to act on behalf of the firm.3

SUP 4.1.3RRP

Applicable sections


Category of firm

(2) Applicable sections


A long-term insurer, other than:

SUP 4.1, SUP 4.2, SUP 4.3 and SUP 4.5


a registered friendly society which is a non-directive friendly society;


an incorporated friendly society that is a flat rate benefits business friendly society; and


an incoming EEA firm


A friendly society, other than a friendly society within (1).

SUP 4.1, SUP 4.2, SUP 4.4 and SUP 4.51

(3) 2

A Lloyd's managing agent, in respect of each syndicate it manages2

SUP 4.1, SUP 4.2, SUP 4.5, SUP 4.62

(4) 2

The Society of Lloyd's2

SUP 4.1, SUP 4.2, SUP 4.5, SUP 4.62