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SUP 4.5 Provisions applicable to 2all 2actuaries


SUP 4.5.1RRP

An actuary2 appointed under this chapter2 must be objective in performing his duties.

SUP 4.5.2GRP

Objectivity requires the actuary2 to perform his duties in such a manner that he can have an honest belief in his work and does not compromise the quality of his work or his judgment. An actuary2 should not allow himself to be placed in situations where he feels unable to make objective professional judgments.

SUP 4.5.3RRP

An actuary appointed under this chapter2 must take reasonable steps to satisfy himself that he is free from bias, or from any conflict of interest from which bias may reasonably be inferred. He must take appropriate action where this is not the case.

SUP 4.5.4GRP

The appropriate action may include asking the firm's governing body to re-assign temporarily some or all of his duties to another competent actuary. Where this is insufficient, the actuary2 should resign his office.

SUP 4.5.5GRP

If the actuary2 is an employee of the firm, the ordinary incentives of employment, including profit-related pay, share options or other financial interests in the firm or any associate, give rise to a conflict of interest only where they are disproportionate, or exceptional, relative to those of other employees of equivalent seniority.

SUP 4.5.6GRP

The guidance and professional conduct standards in current issue from the Institute of Actuaries and the Faculty of Actuaries are relevant to compliance with SUP 4.5.1 R and SUP 4.5.3 R.

2Actuaries' statutory duty to report2

SUP 4.5.7GRP

Actuaries appointed under this chapter2 are subject to regulations made by the Treasury under section 342(5) and 343(5) of the Act (Information given by auditor or actuary to the Authority). These regulations oblige actuaries to report certain matters to the FSA. Sections 342(3) and 343(3) of the Act provide that an actuary does not contravene any duty by giving information or expressing an opinion to the FSA, if he is acting in good faith and he reasonably believes that the information or opinion is relevant to any functions of the FSA. These provisions continue to have effect after the end of the actuary's term of appointment. In relation to Lloyd's, an effect of the insurance market direction set out at SUP 3.1.13 D is that sections 342(5) and 343(5) of the Act (Information given by auditor or actuary to the FSA) apply also to actuaries who are appointed to evaluate the long-term insurance business of a syndicate.1


Termination of term of office

SUP 4.5.8GRP

SUP 4.5.9 R to SUP 4.5.11 G apply to a person who is or has been an actuary appointed under this chapter2.

SUP 4.5.9RRP

An actuary appointed under this chapter2 must notify the FSA without delay if he:

  1. (1)

    is removed from office by a firm; or

  2. (2)

    resigns before his term of office expires; or

  3. (3)

    is not reappointed by a firm.

SUP 4.5.10RRP

An actuary2 who has ceased to be appointed under this chapter2, or who has been formally notified that he will cease to be so 2appointed, must notify the FSA without delay:

  1. (1)

    of any matter connected with the cessation which he thinks ought to be drawn to the FSA's attention; or

  2. (2)

    that there is no such matter.

SUP 4.5.11G

When an actuary appointed under SUP 4.3.1 R2 ceases to hold office, he ceases to perform a controlled function2. A firm is therefore required under SUP 10.13.6 R to tell the FSA within seven business days of its actuary2 ceasing to hold office and to complete a withdrawal form (Form C, SUP 10 Annex 6 R). Note also the requirement of SUP 10.13.7 R in relation to qualified withdrawals.


Rights and duties2

SUP 4.5.12GRP

2Section 341 of the Act (Access to books etc.) provides that an actuary appointed under or as a result of the Act:

  1. (1)

    has a right of access at all times to the firm's books, accounts and vouchers; and

  2. (2)

    is entitled to require from the firm's officers such information and explanation as he reasonably considers necessary to perform his duties as actuary.

SUP 4.5.13RRP

2When carrying out his duties, an actuary appointed under this chapter must pay due regard to generally accepted actuarial practice.3

SUP 4.5.14GRP

2The standards and guidance issued from time to time by the Institute of Actuaries and the Faculty of Actuaries are important sources of generally accepted actuarial practice.3