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SUP 17 Annex 5 Regulated markets


List of the regulated markets notified to the Commission by the Member States under Article 16 of the ISD as at 22 March 2001


1. Amtlicher Handel (official market)2. Geregelter Freiverkehr (semi-official market)3. Amtlicher Handel NEWEX (official market)4. Geregelter Freiverkehr NEWEX (semi-official market)


1. Bourse de valeurs mobilires d'Euronext Brussels: Le premier march (official market) Le second march- Le nouveau march2. Belfox (Bourse belge des futures et options)3. Le march secondaire hors bourse des obligations linaires, des titres scinds et des certificats de trsorerie 4. EASDAQ


1. Kbenhavns Fondsbrs - Equity market; - Bond market;- Derivatives market2. XtraMarked (authorised market place for unlisted units of Investment Associations (UCITS) and Special-Purpose Associations) 3. Dansk Autoriseret Markedsplads A/S (Danish Authorised Market Place Ltd. (DAMP)) [authorised market place = regular trade in securities admitted for trading but not listed on stock exchange]


1. Arvopaperiprssi (Stock Exchange);- P;;lista (Main List for equity and Debt Instruments; - I-;, NM- ja Prelista (parallel Lists I-, NM-and pre-list for equity and debt instruments);2. Optioyhteis (Option Corporation).(Derivatives exchange and clearing house).


1. Bourse de Paris:- Premier march (official list);- Second march; -March des EDR (European Depositary Receipts). 2. Nouveau march3. MATIF4. MONEP


1. Berliner Wertpapierbrse: (Amtlicher Handel, Geregelter Markt) 2. Bremer Wertpapierbrse (Amtlicher Handel, Geregelter Markt)3. Rheinisch-Westf;lische Brse zu Dsseldorf (Amtlicher Handel, Geregelter Markt) 4. Frankfurter Wertpapierbrse (Amtlicher Handel, Geregelter Markt, Neuer Markt);5. Eurex Deutschland6. Hanseatische Wertpapierbrse Hamburg (Amtlicher Handel, Geregelter Markt, Start-up market) 7. Nieders;chsische Brse zu Hannover (Amtlicher Handel, Geregelter Markt)8. Bayerische Brse (Amtlicher Handel, Geregelter Markt)9. Baden-Wrttembergische Wertpapierbrse (Amtlicher Handel, Geregelter Markt)


1. Athens Stock Exchange (A. S. E.)/Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Centre (T. S. E. C. = remote platform) - Main Market - Parallel Market-Parallel Market for Emerging Markets- New Market2. Athens Derivatives Exchange (A. D. EX.)


Irish Stock Exchange comprising: - Official List - Exploration Securities Market- Developing Companies Market- ITEQ


. Stock Exchange, divided into the following segments:- Electronic share market (MTA);- Electronic covered warrants market (MCW);- After-Hours Market (TAH);- Electronic bond and government securities market (MOT);- Electronic market for Eurobonds, foreign bonds and asset-backed securities (EuroMOT); - Electronic traditional options market (MPR);2. Mercato Ristretto (second market); 3. Derivatives market (IDEM);4. Nuovo Mercato (New Market -NM);5. Italian Government Securities Derivatives Market (MIF);6. Wholesale Market for Government Securities (MTS);7. Wholesale Market for Corporate and International Organisations Bonds.


Bourse de Luxembourg:- Main market: - International Bond market


Amsterdam Stock exchange (AEX):- Main market - Domestic market for unlisted securities: - Nieuwe Markt Amsterdam


1. Mercado de Cotaes Oficias (Official Quotation Market) 2. Segundo Mercado (Second Market)3. Novo Mercado (New Market)4. Mercado de Futuros e Opes (Futures and Options Market)5. MEOG - Mercado Especial de Operaes por Grosso (Special Market for Block Trading) 6. MEDIP - Mercado Especial de Dvida Pblica (Special Market for Public Debt)


A. Bolsas de Valores (all comprise first, second and new market segments) 1. Bolsa de Valores de Barcelona;2. Bolsa de Valores de Bilbao;3. Bolsa de Valores de Madrid;4. Bolsa de valores de Valencia.B. Mercados oficiales de Productos Finacieros Derivados1. MEFF Renta Fija;2. MEFF Renta Variable.C. Mercados FC&M de Futuros y Opciones sobre Ctricos [commodity derivatives not covered by section B annex ISD: related markets do not fall within ISD definition of regulated market]D. AIAF Mercado de Renta FijaE. Mercado de Deuda Pblica en Anotaciones


1. OM Stockholmsbrsen: - A-list market;- OTC-list (small companies); - O-list (unlisted companies) 2. OM R;ntebrsen (fixed income);3. SBI Marknadsplats4. Aktietorget

United Kingdom

1. Domestic Equity Market 2. European Equity Market3. Gilt Edged and Sterling Bond Market4. Alternative Investment Market (AIM).5. The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE)6. OM London 7. Tradepoint [this market has since changed its name to virt-x]8. Coredeal (primarily a eurobond market)9. Jiway

List of the regulated markets notified under Article 16 of the ISD, as included in point 30b of Annex IX to the Agreement of the European Economic Area, to the Standing Committee of the EFTA as defined in that agreement as at April 2001


Iceland Stock Exchange (Verdbrefathing Islands)

Iceland OTC market



The Oslo Stock Exchange 321