PROD 2.10 Process for making temporary product intervention rules

PROD 2.10.1G

1Once initial proposals have been discussed, a paper will be prepared at working group level for a committee (the Committee) with appropriate authority to propose temporary product intervention rules to the FCA Board.

PROD 2.10.2G

The Committee will either endorse the proposals and recommend that they are taken to the Board, or suggest rethinking or amending the proposals and coming back at a later date. A decision may be taken to use a different regulatory tool, or not to proceed.

PROD 2.10.3G

If the Committee decides that the proposals should go to the Board, the paper will be taken to the next available scheduled Board meeting, unless the matter is of great importance or there is an emergency, in which case the Board may convene specifically to consider the issue.

PROD 2.10.4G

If the Board makes a decision to act on the policy proposals the FCA will publish the temporary product intervention rules on its website and take the necessary follow-up actions.