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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2016-03-21.

MAR Sch 1 Record Keeping requirements

MAR Sch 1.1G

Handbook reference

Subject of record

Contents of record

When record must be made

Retention period

MAR 2.7R

Price stabilising action

Full details as noted in MAR 2.7.2 R

On initiation of stabilising action

3 years1

2MAR 8.2.10 R

Benchmark submissions

Information in MAR 8.2.10 R and MAR 8.2.11 G

When making a benchmark submission

5 years

2MAR 8.3.12A R

Benchmark submissions

Information in MAR 8.3.12A R and MAR 8.3.12B G

When using a benchmark submission to determine a specified benchmark

5 years