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M2G 1.4 Technical standards and delegated acts

M2G 1.4.1G

1Technical3 standards, submitted by ESMA. These technical standards, which take the form of regulatory technical standards or implementing technical standards, are, as their names suggest, technical in nature3.

M2G 1.4.2G

1Where an FCA rule is amplified by a technical standard, the source is referred to below the relevant provision, for example, in MAR 5A.5.10

  1. 5A.5.10 R Where a firm permits colocation in relation to the OTF, its rules on colocation services must be transparent, fair and non-discriminatory.

    [Note: article 48(8) of MiFID and MiFID RTS 10]

M2G 1.4.3G

1We3 have not copied out the onshored3 technical standards into the Handbook, but instead adopted the signposting convention illustrated above.

M2G 1.4.4G

1In addition to enabling the FCA and PRA to make3 technical standards, the Exit Regulations also onshore3 delegated acts prepared by the Commission, itself, in the form of regulations (see, for example, references to the MiFID Org Regulation (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/565) and the MiFIR Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/567).