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LR 16.3 Listing applications

LR 16.3.1GRP

An applicant for admission is required to comply with LR 3 (Listing applications).

LR 16.3.2GRP

The FCA will admit to listing such number of securities as the applicant may request for the purpose of future issues. At the time of issue the securities will be designated to the relevant class.


LR 16.3.3GRP

An applicant that is seeking admission of its equity shares 2must retain a sponsor in accordance with LR 8 (Sponsors).

LR 16.3.4RRP

An3 applicant must appoint a sponsor when it makes an application for admission of equity shares 2which requires the production of listing particulars.

LR 16.3.5G



Multi-class fund or umbrella fund

LR 16.3.6RRP

An applicant which is a multi-class or umbrella fund which seeks to create a new class of security without increasing its share capital for which listing has previously been granted, must provide the FCA with the details of the new class and no further application for listing is required.