FEES 5.7 Payment


A firm must pay annually to the FCA the general levy on or before the later of 1 April and 30 calendar days after the date when the invoice is issued by the FCA.

FEES 5.7.1AR

3Where the FCA grants a person’s application for annulment of a cancellation or variation of Part 4A permission under Schedule 6A to the Act and on the date the annulment takes effect the time for payment in FEES 5.7.1R has passed, then that time for payment in that rule does not apply, but a person must pay to the FCA the general levy on the date on which the person’s annulment takes effect.

FEES 5.7.2R


FEES 5.7.2AR


FEES 5.7.3R



A firm liable to pay fees under FEES 5.7.1R4 must do so using one of the methods set out in FEES 2.1.12R (unless FEES 2.1.13R applies)4 save that no additional amount or discount is applicable.

Extension of time

FEES 5.7.5R

4A firm need not pay the general levy on the date on which it is due under the relevant provision in FEES 5.7.1R, if that date falls during a period during which circumstances of the sort set out in GEN 1.3.2R (Emergency) exist, and that firm has reasonable grounds to believe that those circumstances impair its ability to pay the fee, in which case it must be paid on or before the fifth business day after the end of that period.