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COBS 16 Annex 2R Information to be included in a periodic report

This annex forms part of COBS 16.3.1 R.

Periodic information (all cases)


the name of the firm;


the name or other designation of the retail client's account;


a statement of the contents and the valuation of the portfolio, including details of:


each designated investment held, its market value or fair value if market value is unavailable;


the cash balance at the beginning and at the end of the reporting period; and


the performance of the portfolio during the reporting period;


the total amount of fees and charges incurred during the reporting period, itemising at least total management fees and total costs associated with execution, and including, where relevant, a statement that a more detailed breakdown will be provided on request;


a comparison of performance during the period covered by the statement with the investment performance benchmark (if any) agreed between the firm and the client;


the total amount of dividends, interest and other payments received during the reporting period in relation to the client's portfolio; and


information about other corporate actions giving rights in relation to designated investments held in the portfolio.