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COB TP 4 Miscellaneous transitional provisions applying to all firms

COB TP 4.4 157








Material to which the transitional provision applies

Transitional provision

Transitional provision: dates in force

Handbook provision: coming into force


COB 6.5.40 R (3)(k) and (l)



15 15


COB 6.5.18 and COB 6.6




From 1 November 2002 to 5 April 2003

1 November 20021


COB 6.8.26and COB 6.8.28



15 15


COB 3.8.4 R (3), 3.9.7R (1), COB 3.13.4 R



15 15


COB 4.2.15E (2), 4.3.15E (22), COB 5.5.3 R, COB 5.5.5 E, COB 5.5.9 R - COB 5.5.12 R

R, E, G

A firm is not required to comply with the amendments to the rules in column (2) made by the Statutory Status Disclosure Instrument 2003 until 1 October 2004; to the extent that a firm continues to rely upon terms of business (including a client agreement) given to or made with a client before 1 October 2004, the firm does not need to comply with the amendments to COB 4.2.15 E made by that Instrument until the firm's terms of business is next updated.

From 1 March 2003

1 March 2003


COB 8.1.15 E (2), COB 10.6.8 E (1)


The amendments to COB 8.1.15E(2) and COB 10.6.8E(1) and (8) made by the Statutory Status Disclosure Instrument 2003 do not apply to a firm:

(1) in relation to a confirmation of a transaction under COB 8.1 (Confirmation of transactions); and

(2) in relation to the scheme documents referred to in COB 10.6 (Scheme documents for an unregulated collective investment scheme);

until, as appropriate, the firm's system for producing confirmations or the scheme documents are next updated by thefirm.

From 1 March 2003

1 March 2003


COB 4.2.5 R


ATS terms of business

A service company, or a firm that is undertaking oil market activity or other energy market activity, that operates an ATS as at the day on which COB 4.2.17 E comes into force is not required to provide terms of business to a customer who has commenced using the ATS before that day.


1 January 20042


COB 4.2.5 R and COB 4.2.10 R


A firm need not, by reason of COB 4.2.17 E, amend, or give notice of an amendment to, its terms of business to include provision about the additional matters in COB 4.2.17 E in respect of a customer to whom it has provided terms of business before the day on which COB 4.2.17 E comes into force.


1 January 20042


Rules in the Handbook


Classification of CISs. If a firm at any time before 1 September 2003 classified a collective investment scheme in accordance with COB 4.1 (Client classification) as in force at that time, it will not contravene any of the rules in the Handbook by treating the scheme in accordance with that classification.

From 1 September 2003

Various 4


COB 7.1.14 R


UCITS management company COB 7.1.14 R does not take effect in relation to any discretionary management undertaken in accordance with a client agreement entered into before 12 February 2004.

From 13 February 2004 to 12 February 2007

13 February 20043


COB 5.4.4 E (6)



15 515


COB 3.9.31 R (3)



15 15

13 6

COB 6.2.46 R13


R 6

Simplified prospectus requirements for section 264 schemes6

A firm may comply with COB 6.2.22 R (Schemes) instead of COB 6.2.46 R13 (Requirement to offer a simplified prospectus for section 264 schemes), if the EEA State in which the recognised scheme is established has not implemented the obligations of the UCITS Directive in relation to the simplified prospectus, until the earlier of: 6

(1) the date that the relevant obligations of the UCITS Directive have been implemented in that EEA State; and 6

(2) 30 September 2004 or, if later, the date when the relevant provisions of the UCITS Directive have been implemented in the UK. 6


From 1 April 2004 until 30 September 2004, or, if later, the date when the relevant provisions of theUCITS Directivehave been implemented in theUK6

1 April 20046


COB 6.11.91115


Annual report to with-profits policyholders11

A firm must produce its first report to with-profits policyholders under COB 6.11.9 in respect of the part of its financial year that follows the date on which INSPRU 1.318 (With-profits Insurance Capital Component) comes into force.11


From 30 April 200411

30 April 200411


COB 6.6.51 R, COB 6.6.52 R, COB 6.6.84 R


As an alternative to complying with the provisions of COB 6.6.51 R, COB 6.6.52 R or COB 6.6.84 R, a firm will satisfy its obligations if it complies with the version of the rule in force on 20 April 2005.

21 April 2005 - 1 August 2005

21 April 2005


COB 6.2.26 R to COB 6.2.45 R


Simplified prospectus requirements for simplified prospectus schemes

A firm need not comply with the rules specified in column (2) to the extent that it complies with the provisions of COB 6.2 (Provision of key features or simplified prospectus) that relate to key features schemes and ensures that every key features for the scheme which is offered to a client or provided to a private customer is produced in accordance with the applicable requirements of COB 6.5 (Content of key features and important information: life policies, key features 13 schemes, ISA cash deposit components and stakeholder pension schemes).

From 1 May 2005

30 September 2005


COB 7.18.1 R to COB 7.18.16 R


Use of dealing commission

In relation to any soft commission agreement an investment manager may have on 1 January 2006, the manager may comply with the rules in COB 2.2.8 R to COB 2.2.20 R (1) (instead of the rules specified in column (2)) until:

(1) the date of the expiry of that agreement; or

(2) if earlier, 30 June 2006.

From 1 January 2006 to 30 June 2006

1 January 2006


COB 4 Annex 4 R, COB 4 Annex 5 R and COB 4 Annex 6 R


Key facts logo

A firm may continue to use a Key facts logo which is not accompanied by a regulatory mark (®).

From 6 November 2006 to 6 November 2007

6 November 2006


Every amendment made to COB by the Personal Pensions Schemes Instrument 2006 (FSA 2006/28)


If the application of a provision listed in (2) is dependent on the occurrence of a series of events, some of which occur before, and some of which occur on or after, 6 April 2007, the provision applies with respect to the events that occur on or after that date.

From 6 April 2007.

6 April 2007