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AUTH 3.21 Treaty firms applying for Part IV Permission

AUTH 3.21.1G

The Treaty establishing the European Community provides firms with rights of establishment, under article 43, and the right to provide services under article 49. These rights can be exercised anywhere in any other State in the EEA.1

AUTH 3.21.2G

Treaty firms which do not have, or do not wish to exercise, a treaty right to carry on a regulated activity in the United Kingdom, and which do not have an EEA right to passport in relation to that activity, must seek Part IV permission to do so (see AUTH 5.4.3 G to AUTH 5.3.13 G).1

AUTH 3.21.3G

Where such a treaty firm has received Home State authorisationto carry on the regulated activities that it seeks to carry on under the Part IV permission, the FSA will take this into account when considering the application.1

AUTH 3.21.4G

These applications will be considered on a case by case basis. Applicants should contact the Enquiries and Applications Department (Applications team) (see AUTH 3.9.4 G (2) for contact details) at an early stage to discuss their plans.21