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AUTH 3.20 Specific obligations: applicants seeking to establish a branch in, or provide services into, another EEA State

AUTH 3.20.1G

Certain firms (known as UK firms) may establish branches in, or provide cross border services into, other EEA States exercising rights under one of the Single Market Directives (this is often referred to as passporting). A firm may also have rights under the Treaty.

AUTH 3.20.2G

An applicant for Part IV permission that wishes, if the FSA grants the permission, to passport into another EEA State on, or shortly after, being given permission, is advised to contact the Corporate Authorisation department to discuss its plans (see AUTH 3.9.4 G (2) for contact details).1

AUTH 3.20.3G
  1. (1)

    SUP 13 (Exercise of passport rights by UK firms) gives guidance on the procedures to be followed by a UK firm to establish a branch in, or provide cross border services into, another EEA State. SUP 13 Annex 3 contains guidance on the Single Market Directives, including guidance on which firms are entitled to passport.

  2. (2)

    COLLG 2 and CIS 2.3.4 G gives guidance when an operator of a UCITS wishes to market its scheme in another EEA State.

  3. (3)

    Firms wishing to exercise rights under the Treaty in another EEA State should seek guidance from the FSA in the first instance.2

AUTH 3.20.4G

An applicant may submit a separate notice of intention to passport (see SUP 13.6.4 G and SUP 13.7.3 G) with its application for Part IV permission. The notice of intention will be reviewed with the application for Part IV permission. The FSA is not, however, able to issue a consent notice (see SUP 13.6.10 G), or send a notice of intention (see SUP 13.7.9 G), to the relevant Host State regulators unless or until an applicant is authorised. As a result, an applicant seeking to establish a branch in another EEA State will not be able to satisfy the conditions in the Act for establishing a branch (see SUP 13.6.2 G) until after authorisation.1

AUTH 3.20.5G

An applicant should note, however, that the business plans and financial projections and, where relevant, scheme of operations submitted with its application for Part IV permission should reflect any passported activity (and any branches outside the EEA) that the firm plans to commence in the immediate future.