Article 12 Presentation of packages of services charged as part of fees under the sub-heading General account services

  1. (1)

    Where a package of services linked to a payment account is offered with the account and is charged as part of the fees under the sub-heading "General account service", payment service providers shall include in the table "Detailed statement of fees paid on the account" in the row on "Package of services" the information on the services included in the package in the column "Service" and the number of the times the package was used in the column "Number of times the service was used". In the columns under "Fee", payment service providers shall display the fee charged for the package as a whole, and the number of times the package fee was charged during the relevant period respectively as set out in Article 11(1). The row shall be deleted, if the package of services is charged separately from the fee for general account services.

  2. (2)

    Any fee charged for any service exceeding the quantity covered by the package shall be disclosed in the table listing services and fees as referred to in Articles 1 to 11.

  3. (3)

    If the number of services in the package is not limited, or where the quantities of services covered by the package have not been exceeded, payment service providers shall delete the statement at the bottom of the row "Services beyond these quantities have been charged separately".