Article -1 Interpretation

In this technical standard, unless the contrary intention appears:

  1. (1) words and expressions used have the same meaning as in Regulation 600/2014/EU, (as amended by the Markets in Financial Instruments (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018);

  2. (2) in accordance with article 2(1)(62) of Regulation 600/2014/EU, all references in this technical standard to a ‘trading venue’ are to a ‘UK trading venue’;

  3. (3) references to ‘UK or Union trading venues’ include ‘UK trading venues’ as defined in article 2(16A) of Regulation 600/2014/EU and ‘trading venues’ as defined by article 4(1)(24) of Directive 2014/65/EU and operated by a person authorised under Directive 2014/65/EU; and

  4. (4) references to a ‘MiFID investment firm’ ‘collective portfolio management investment firm’ and ‘UK RIE’ are to the terms as defined in accordance with the Glossary to the Handbook of Rules and Guidance published by the Financial Conduct Authority, immediately after IP completion day.