Article 10 Additional information for qualifying holdings of up to 20 %

Where the proposed acquisition would result in the proposed acquirer holding a qualifying holding in the target entity of up to 20 %, the proposed acquirer shall provide a document on strategy to the competent authority of the target entity containing the following information:

  1. (a)

    the period for which the proposed acquirer intends to hold its shareholding after the proposed acquisition and any intention of the proposed acquirer to increase, reduce or maintain the level of their shareholding in the foreseeable future;

  2. (b)

    an indication of the intentions of the proposed acquirer in relation to the target entity, including whether or not it intends to exercise any form of control over the target entity, and the rationale for that action;

  3. (c)

    information on the financial position of the proposed acquirer and its willingness to support the target entity with additional own funds if needed for the development of its activities or in case of financial difficulties.