Article 14 AMA used to enhance the operational risk organization and control of the institution

Competent authorities shall assess that an institution uses the AMA to further enhance its operational risk organization and control, by confirming at least the following:

  1. (a)

    that the institution's definition of operational risk tolerance and its associated operational risk management objectives and activities are clearly communicated within the institution;

  2. (b)

    that the relationship between the institution's business strategy and its operational risk management, including with regard to the approval of new products, systems and processes, is clearly communicated within the institution;

  3. (c)

    that the operational risk measurement system increases transparency, risk awareness and operational risk management expertise and creates incentives to improve the management of operational risk throughout the institution;

  4. (d)

    that the inputs and the outputs of the operational risk measurement system are used in relevant decisions and plans, including in the institution's action plans, business continuity plans, internal audit working plans, capital assignment decisions, insurance plans and budgeting decisions.