1. (1)

    A credit rating agency shall provide the FCA with the volume of outstanding credit ratings it has issued with the details set out in the following table. The information regarding the corporate rating and sovereign and public finance ratings shall be provided on the basis of number of credit ratings and the information regarding structured finance ratings shall be provided on the basis of the amount (in millions of pounds sterling) of issuing of the structured finance instruments.


    Corporate ratings (number of credit ratings)

    Financial institution including credit institutions and investment firms

    Insurance undertaking

    Corporate issuer that is not considered a financial institution or an insurance undertaking

    Sovereign and public finance ratings (number of credit ratings)

    Structured Finance ratings (amount of the issuing in millions of pounds sterling)

  2. (2)

    A credit rating agency shall provide information on the annual revenues generated in the UK and in other countries outside the UK (third countries) for the past three years with the following level of detail:


    Third Countries



    Rating activities

    From rated entities or related third parties

    From subscribers

    Other sources

    Non-rating activities