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Article 4 Summary of the key elements of the recovery plan

  1. (1)

    The summary of the key elements of the recovery plan shall cover summaries of each of the following:

    1. (a)

      the recovery plan's information on governance;

    2. (b)

      the recovery plan's strategic analysis, including a summary of overall recovery capacity referred to in Article 12(3);

    3. (c)

      any material changes to the institution, group or recovery plan since the previous version of the recovery plan submitted to the competent authority;

    4. (d)

      the recovery plan's communication and disclosure plan;

    5. (e)

      the preparatory measures set out in the recovery plan.

  2. (2)

    For the purposes of Sections II and III of Chapter I of this Regulation, material change means any change which could impact the ability of an institution or of a United Kingdom parent undertaking or one or more of its subsidiaries to implement a recovery plan or to implement one or more recovery options contained in a recovery plan.