Brexit update

Our final Handbook and Binding Technical Standards (BTS) instruments have now been made by the FCA Board and we have posted PDFs of each of these here.

A number of the BTS instruments which we published as near-final in PS19/5 ‘Brexit Policy Statement: Feedback on CP18/28, CP18/29, CP18/34, CP18/36 and CP19/2’ have not yet been made by our Board and so are not yet available in final form. This is because these instruments must be made by the Prudential Regulation Authority before they can be made by our Board. This is due to take place in April, before exit day, and so we will publish these instruments in due course.

We have also published our guidance on EU non-legislative materials, non-Handbook material and forms. These documents can be found on the FCA website at:

We are unable to publish the changes made by our Handbook and BTS instruments into the online Handbook until we have a confirmed date for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. We will publish another update when we go live with these changes in the online Handbook.