Consolidation of MiFID 2 instruments

Progress update (05 September 2017): we have now completed the consolidation of all the instruments listed below.

The following instruments were made by the FCA Board on 30 June 2017:

  • Glossary (MiFID 2) Instrument 2017, FCA 2017/36
  • Fees (Data Reporting Applications) Instrument 2017, FCA 2017/37
  • Markets and Organisational Requirements (MiFID 2) Instrument 2017, FCA 2017/38
  • Conduct, Perimeter Guidance and Miscellaneous Provisions Instrument 2017, FCA 2017/39

They have been added to this website as PDFs and can be found on the Instruments page.

It will take the FCA several weeks to make the changes to the Handbook website, with the changes taking effect from 3 July 2017 being made already. Some glossary terms and handbook links will appear as plain text until the consolidation has been completed and this article will be updated when we have finished. If you have any questions in the meantime please email