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As a result of this chapter and CONC 3:(1) a financial promotion is not subject to CONC 3to the extent that it relates to qualifying credit; and(2) where a firm makes a communication which consists of a financial promotion of qualifying credit and a financial promotion of a different form of lending that is not qualifying credit (for example, an unsecured personal loan), the content of the latter will need to comply with CONC 3.
The requirements of MCOB 3A.4.1 R and MCOB 3A.4.2 G do not prevent, for example, a telephone call centre which has received a call from a customer at an hour generally regarded as unsocial, either responding to that call or asking during the call if the customer would like details of other qualifying credit.
(1) The representative example in CONC 3.5.5 R should not be limited to being representative of agreements featured in the financial promotion if the firmcommunicating or approving the financial promotion expects other agreements to be entered into as a result of the financial promotion, whether with the firm or with a third party. [Note: paragraph 6.8 of BIS Guidance on regulations implementing the Consumer Credit Directive](1A) Firms are referred to the Glossary definition of
(1) The information displayed on the price comparison website (for example, information concerning a loan, the results of a search or claims about the market coverage of the website) will need to comply with the financial promotion rules in CONC 3. In particular, it will need to comply with the requirement for a communication or a financial promotion to be clear, fair and not misleading. The results of a search also need to comply with the detailed rules in CONC 3.5. In particular,
(1) A firm must, in any relevant communication, indicate the extent of its powers, in particular whether it works exclusively with one or more lenders (including, for example, if it works exclusively with lenders who are participants in the electronic system that the firm operates) or whether it works as an independent broker.[Note: article 21(a) of the Consumer Credit Directive](2) In this rule, a “relevant communication” means a financial promotion or a document which:(a) is
(1) 1When communicating or approving a financial promotion concerning an MCD regulated mortgage contract which indicates an interest rate or any figures relating to the cost of the credit to the consumer, a firm must ensure that the financial promotion includes standard information which specifies in a clear, concise and prominent way:(a) the identity of the MCD creditor or, where applicable, the MCD mortgage credit intermediary2 or appointed representative;(b) where applicable,
Inclusion of a representative example, where required, does not preclude the inclusion of additional cost information, relating to individual products or types of product, subject to this being fair, clear and not misleading. For example, a firm may wish to include a table setting out details of a number of products, for comparative purposes, with the required overall representative example stated (being representative of all agreements expected to result from the financial promotion,
MCOB 5A places no restrictions on the provision of information that is not specific to the amount the consumer wants to borrow. For example, marketing literature, including generic mortgage repayment tables or graphs illustrating the benefits of making a regular overpayment on a flexible mortgage. However, such literature may constitute a financial promotion and be subject to MCOB 3A (Financial promotions and communications with customers).
MCOB 5.4.16GRP
3MCOB 53 places no restrictions on the provision of information that is not specific to the amount the customer wants to borrow, for example, marketing literature including generic mortgage repayment tables or graphs illustrating the benefits of making a regular overpayment on a flexible mortgage. Such literature may, however, constitute a financial promotion2 and be subject to the provisions of MCOB 3A4(Financial promotions and communications with customers).424
3The following is a non-exhaustive list of rules and guidance in the Handbook that are relevant to a firm's management of operational risk: (1) COBS contains rules and guidance that can relate to the management of operational risk; for example, COBS 2 (Conduct of business obligations), COBS 4 (Communicating with clients, including financial promotions), COBS 6 (Information about the firm, its services and remuneration), COBS 7 (Insurance distribution2), COBS 9 (Suitability (including
SYSC 4 Annex 1GRP

[Editor’s note: The text of this provision has been moved to SYSC 25 Annex 1G]4

A person who is based outside the United Kingdom but who sets up an establishment in the United Kingdom must therefore consider the following matters. First, he must not, unless he is authorised, carry on regulated activities in the United Kingdom. Second, unless he is authorised, the day-to-day management of the carrying on of the regulated activity must not be the responsibility of the UK establishment. This may, for example, affect those UK establishments that in the context