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MCOB 5.6.78GRP
Under the sub-heading 'Insurance you must take out as a condition of this mortgage but that you do not have to take out through [insert name of mortgage lender or where relevant the name of the mortgage intermediary, or both]' the illustration should not include any insurance policy that may be taken out by a mortgage lender itself to protect its own interests rather than the customer's interests, for example, because of the ratio of the loan amount to the property value.1
COBS 11.2.32RRP
In order to comply with the obligation to act in accordance with the best interests of its clients when it places an order with, or transmits an order to, another entity for execution, a firm must:42(1) take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result for its clients taking into account the execution factors. The relative importance of these factors must be determined by reference to the execution criteria and, for retail clients,2 to the requirement to determine the
When contacting a customer:(1) a firm must ensure that it does not act in a way likely to be publicly embarrassing to the customer; and(2) a firm must take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties do not become aware that the customer is being pursued in respect of a debt[Note: paragraph 3.7q of DCG].
A firm must not, in any written or oral communication, seek to exclude or restrict, or to rely on any exclusion or restriction of, any duty or liability it may have to a customer under the regulatory system.
A firm's communications to lenders (or to lenders' representatives) on behalf of its customers must be transparent so as to ensure a firm'scustomer's interests are not adversely affected. [Note: paragraph 2.5 of DMG]
Subject to CASS 6.2.3A-1R, a9firm must effect appropriate registration or recording of legal title to a safe custody asset2 belonging to a client8 in the name of:62(1) the client, unless the client is an authorised person acting on behalf of its client, in which case it may be registered in the name of the client of that authorised person;6(2) a nominee company which is controlled by:(a) the firm;(b) an affiliated company;(c) a recognised investment exchange; or5(d) a third party
COBS 22.2.3RRP
(1) 1The requirements in (2) and (3) must be met if:(a) the firm is not providing an investment service in the course of MiFID or equivalent third country business; and(b) the retail client is not otherwise receiving a personal recommendation4 on the mutual society share from the firm or another person.(2) The firm must give the retail client the following statement on paper or another durable medium and obtain confirmation in writing from the retail client that he or she2 has