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MCOB 9.4.28RRP
Where the loan under the lifetime mortgage7 is divided into more than one part (for example where part of the loan is a fixed interest rate and part of the loan is a discounted variable interest rate) and the firm displays this in a tabular format in the illustration:7(1) the following text must be used to introduce the table "As this lifetime mortgage is made up of more than one part, these parts are summarised below:";(2) each part must be numbered for ease of reference in the
MCOB 10.3.3RRP
(1) The APR must be calculated on the basis of the following assumptions:(a) the assumption that the customer will not be entitled to any income tax relief relating to the transaction other than relief under sections 266-7 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 and Schedule 14-15 to the same Act without any deduction under section 274 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988;(b) the assumption that no assistance is given under the Home Purchase Assistance and Housing
MCOB 10.3.6RRP
(1) MCOB 10.3.7 R to MCOB 10.3.13 R apply for the purpose of the calculation of the total charge for credit and of the rate of that charge in respect of matters necessary for the calculation which cannot be ascertained by the mortgage lender or mortgage administrator at the date of the making of the agreement.(2) In a case where MCOB 10.3.7 R and one or more of MCOB 10.3.8 R to MCOB 10.3.13 R are applicable, MCOB 10.3.7 R must be applied first.
MCOB 10.3.7RRP
(1) Where the amount of the credit to be provided under the agreement cannot be ascertained at the date of the making of the agreement:(a) in the case of an agreement for running-account credit under which there is a credit limit, that amount must be taken to be that credit limit; and(b) in any other case, that amount shall be taken to be £100.(2) Where a mortgage lender makes a further advance to the customer in addition to the amount originally borrowed under the regulated mortgage
MCOB 9.3.10GRP
An offer document may not always exactly match the illustration provided before application even when the equity release3 requirements have not changed. For example, where a fixed rate has a defined end date, the total amount payable may be different because the number of payments at the fixed rate has reduced, or the estimated amount of interest to be charged has changed, assuming a later date at which the lifetime mortgage3will start.33
MCOB 10.4.3GRP
(1) MCOB 10.4.2 R means, for example, that the following charges must be included within the total charge for credit:(a) any fee payable to a mortgage intermediary for arranging the contract (see MCOB 10.4.2 R(2)); and(b) any higher lending charge.(2) The FCA takes the view that charges required to be included within the total charge for credit should not be excluded on the basis of these charges being refundable in certain circumstances. (3) The FCA also takes the view that the
(1) If an MCD regulated mortgage contract gives the consumerfreedom of drawdown, the total amount of credit must be deemed to be drawn down immediately and in full.(2) If an MCD regulated mortgage contract provides different ways of drawdown with different charges or borrowing rates, the total amount of credit must be deemed to be drawn down at the highest charge and borrowing rate applied to the most common drawdown mechanism for that type of MCD regulated mortgage contract.(3)