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LR 7.2.1ARRP
3The Premium Listing Principles are as follows:Premium Listing Principle 1A listed company must take reasonable steps to enable its directors to understand their responsibilities and obligations as directors.Premium Listing Principle 2A listed company must act with integrity towards the holders and potential holders of its premium listedsecurities5.Premium Listing Principle 3All equity shares in a class that has been admitted to premium listing must carry an equal number of votes
LR 12.5.7RRP
Where, within a period of 12 months, a listed company purchases warrants or options over its own equity shares which, on exercise, convey the entitlement to equity shares representing 15% or more of the company's existing issued shares (excluding treasury shares), the company must send to its shareholders a circular containing the following information:(1) a statement of the directors' intentions regarding future purchases of the company's warrants and options;(2) the number and