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A VJ participant is subject to these standard terms, which may be amended or supplemented by the Financial Ombudsman Service with the approval of the FCA19.31619
By agreeing to participate, a VJ participant also agrees that the Voluntary Jurisdiction covers an act or omission that occurred before the VJ participant was participating in the Voluntary Jurisdiction, whether the act or omission occurred before or after commencement.316215316
The following rules and guidance apply to VJ participants as part of the standard terms, except where the context requires otherwise:(1) DISP 1 (Treating complainants4fairly), except:4(a) DISP 1.94(Complaints record rule);4(b) DISP 1.104(Complaints reporting rules);84(ba) DISP 1.10A (Complaints data publication rules); 98(bb) DISP 1.10B (Payment services and electronic money complaints reporting); and9(c) DISP 1.114(Lloyd's);4(d) DISP 1.1A (Complaints handling requirements for
The Ombudsman has the same powers to make determinations and awards under the Voluntary Jurisdiction as he has under the Compulsory Jurisdiction (see DISP 3.7 (Awards by the Ombudsman)).316
If the complainant accepts the Ombudsman's determination within the time limit specified by the Ombudsman, the determination will be binding on the VJ Participant and may be enforced in court by the complainant.316316
The following rules in FEES apply to VJ participants as part of the standard terms, but substituting 'VJ participant' for 'firm':(1) FEES 2.2.1 R (late payment) but substituting 'FOS Ltd' for 'the FCA';1919(2) FEES 2.3.1 R and 2.3.2 R (remission of fees);(3) [deleted]22(4) FEES 5.3.6 R (general levy) but substituting:(a) 'Voluntary Jurisdiction' for 'Compulsory Jurisdiction' ; and(b) 'FOS Ltd' for 'the FCA';1919(5) FEES 5.3.8 R (calculation of general levy) but substituting:22(a)
A VJ participant may not withdraw from the Voluntary Jurisdiction unless:(1) the VJ participant has submitted to FOS Ltd a written plan for:(a) notifying its existing customers of its intention to withdraw; and(b) handling complaints against it before its withdrawal;(2) the VJ participant has paid the general levy for the year in which it withdraws and any other fees payable; and(3) FOS Ltd has approved in writing both the VJ Participant's plan and the date of withdrawal (which
None of the following is to be liable in damages for anything done or omitted to be done in the discharge (or purported discharge) of any functions in connection with the Voluntary Jurisdiction:316(1) FOS Ltd;(2) any member of its governing body;(3) any member of its staff;(4) any person acting as an Ombudsman for the purposes of the Financial Ombudsman Service;except where:(5) the act or omission is shown to have been in bad faith; or(6) it would prevent an award of damages being
Paragraph 9 of Schedule 17 to the Act (The Ombudsman Scheme) requires FOS Ltd to adopt an annual budget which has been approved by the FCA. The annual budget must distinguish between the costs of operating the Compulsory Jurisdiction and the Voluntary Jurisdiction. 3
Paragraph 18 of Schedule 17 to the Act enables FOS Ltd to require VJ participants to pay to it such amounts at such times as it specifies in the standard terms.
The relevant provisions of the rules in FEES 5 and FEES 2 will be applied to VJ participants through the standard terms made by FOS Ltd under paragraph 18 of Schedule 17 to the Act (see DISP 4).
The Ombudsman can consider a complaint under the Voluntary Jurisdiction if:425(1) it is not covered by the Compulsory Jurisdiction;829 and425(2) it relates to an act or omission by a VJ participant in carrying on one or more of the following activities:(a) an activity (other than auction regulation bidding and 19administering a benchmark, meeting of repayment claims and managing dormant asset funds (including the investment of such funds)21) carried on after 28 April 1988 which:33(i)
The scope of the Voluntary Jurisdiction is wider than that of the Compulsory Jurisdiction, and so some activities are referred to in both jurisdictions.122122425
DISP 2.5.1R(2)(c)17 includes complaints about the EEA end of 'one leg' payment services transactions, i.e. services provided from EEA establishments that are subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the Voluntary Jurisdiction (see DISP 2.6.4R (2)) that also involve a payment service provider located outside the EEA. It also includes complaints about payment services irrespective of the currency of the transaction.6
425The Voluntary Jurisdiction covers an act or omission that occurred before the VJ participant was participating in the Voluntary Jurisdiction, and whether the act or omission occurred before or after commencement, either:(1) if the complaint could have been dealt with under a former scheme; or(2) under the agreement by the VJ participant in the Standard Terms.
The purpose of this chapter is to set out how complaints against VJ participants are dealt with under the Voluntary Jurisdiction.1212
These standard terms apply to any business which has agreed to be a VJ participant.12
Details of how this chapter applies to each type of respondent are set out below. For this purpose, respondents include:(1) persons carrying on regulated activities (firms),1339 providing payment services (payment service providers)8 providing electronic money issuance services (electronic money issuers)201339carrying on CBTL business (CBTL firms), 22providing credit information under the Small and Medium Sized Business (Credit Information) Regulations (designated credit reference
DISP 1.1.15RRP
This chapter (except the complaints record rule,9 the complaints reporting rules and the complaints data publication rules)9 applies to VJ participants for complaints from eligible complainants as part of the standard terms.9
DISP 1.1.16GRP
Although VJ participants are not required to comply with the complaints record rule, it is in their interest to retain records of complaints so that these can be used to assist the Financial Ombudsman Service should it be necessary.1740
718Whilst no rule11 made by the FCA in this chapter applies to VJ participants, some of the guidance may do. The application of rules made by the FOS Ltd in this chapter is set out in FEES 5.5B19 and described in FEES 5.1.2 AG.8

718Table of FEES 5 rules made by the FOS Ltd

FEES 5 rules made by the FOS Ltd


FEES 5.5B19


Rules relating to case fees

FEES 5 Annex 2R

Annual Levy Payable in Relation to the Voluntary Jurisdiction

FEES 5 Annex 3R

Case Fees Payable

Where a respondent ceases to be a firm, payment service provider, electronic money issuer, CBTL firm, 6a designated credit reference agency, a designated finance platform, VJ participant or claims management company3 (as the case may be) part way through a financial year it will remain liable to pay case fees under FEES 5.5B in respect of cases within the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service.215
In this chapter, 'out of jurisdiction' means outside the Compulsory Jurisdiction and the Voluntary Jurisdiction in accordance with DISP 2.49510
(1) 19If a complaint relates to the sale of an endowment policy for the purpose of achieving capital repayment of a mortgage and the complainant receives a letter from a firm or a VJ participant warning that there is a high risk that the policy will not, at maturity, produce a sum large enough to repay the target amount then, subject to (2), (3), (4) and (5):(a) time for referring a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service starts to run from the date the complainant receives
DISP 2.8.10GRP
713Where a complaint meets the requirements of DISP 2.8.9R(2)(d), those parts of the complaint that relate to the grounds of rejection of the claim are not subject to the restriction in DISP 2.8.9R(1) on an Ombudsman considering the complaint.
Section 228 of the Act sets the 'fair and reasonable' test for the Compulsory Jurisdiction (other than in relation to a “relevant complaint” within the meaning of section 404B(3) of the Act12)8 and DISP 3.6.1 R extends it to the Voluntary Jurisdiction.17210
DISP App 1.1.5GRP
This appendix is also relevant to complaints which the Ombudsman may investigate under the Compulsory Jurisdiction or Voluntary Jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service established under Part XVI of the Act (The Ombudsman Scheme).2525
124The following are not eligible complainants:(1) (in all jurisdictions) a firm, payment service provider,3electronic money issuer, 626CBTL firm, designated credit reference agency, designated finance platform13 or VJ participant whose complaint relates in any way to an activity which:8291110(a) the firm itself has permission to carry on; or(ab) 3the firm,626payment service provider, 10electronic money issuer,11CBTL firm,13designated credit reference agency11 or designated finance
The purpose of this chapter is to set out rules and guidance on the scope of the Compulsory Jurisdiction and the Voluntary Jurisdiction, which are the Financial Ombudsman Service's two 819jurisdictions:819819(1) the Compulsory Jurisdiction is not restricted to regulated activities,718payment services6 , 9 issuance ofelectronic money, 718 and CBTL business 9 and covers:9(a) certain complaints against firms (and businesses which were firms at the time of the events complained about);819(b)
The application of FEES 5.5A and FEES 5 Annex 3R is set out in FEES 5.5A.1 R. 1350 The relevant provisions of FEES 5 and FEES 2 are applied to VJ participants by the standard terms (see DISP 4).
Under the standard terms, VJ participants will be required to pay to FOS Ltd an amount calculated on a similar basis towards the costs of operating the Voluntary Jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service, see FEES 5 Annex 2R210. FOS Ltd will be responsible for invoicing and collecting this amount.
The Voluntary Jurisdiction covers only complaints about the activities of a VJ participant carried on from an establishment:519(1) in the United Kingdom; or(2) in the EEA or Gibraltar16 if the following conditions are met:(a) the activity is directed wholly or partly at the United Kingdom (or part of it);(b) contracts governing the activity are (or, in the case of a potential customer, would have been) made under the law of England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland; and(c)