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SUP 12.4.3GRP
In assessing, under SUP 12.4.2 R(2)1(a) and (b), whether an appointed representative is solvent and otherwise 1suitable, a firm should determine, among other matters, whether the person is likely to be adversely influenced by its financial position in the conduct of the business for which the firm is responsible. This might arise, for example, if the person has cashflow problems and is not able to service its debts. Guidance for firms on assessing the financial position of an
SUP 12.4.4GRP
In assessing, under SUP 12.4.2 R (2)(b), whether an appointed representative is otherwise 1suitable to act for the firm in that capacity, a firm should consider:(1) whether the person is fit and proper; guidance on the information that firms should take reasonable steps to obtain and verify is given in SUP 12 Annex 2;(2) the fitness and propriety (including good character) and financial standing of the controllers, directors, partners, proprietors and managers of the person;
SUP 12.4.5GRP
21[deleted] [Editor’s note: This provision now appears at SUP 12.4.4DG.]
SUP 12.2.1GRP
(1) Under section 19 of the Act (The general prohibition), no person may carry on a regulated activity in the United Kingdom, or purport to do so, unless he is an authorised person, or he is an exempt person in relation to that activity.(2) A person will be an exempt person if he satisfies the conditions in section 39(1) of the Act, guidance on which is given in SUP 12.2.2 G. A person who is exempt as a result of satisfying these conditions is referred to in the Act as an appointed
SUP 12.2.2AGRP
(1) 15Under sections 20(1) and (1A) of the Act (Authorised persons acting without permission), if an authorised person carries on a regulated activity in the United Kingdom, or purports to do so, otherwise than in accordance with his permission, he is to be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed by the FCA (in the case of a FCA-authorised person) or the FCA and the PRA (in the case of a PRA-authorised person).(2) In addition, under section 23(1A) of the Act (Contravention
SUP 12.1.2GRP
This chapter gives guidance to a firm, which is considering appointing an appointed representative, on how the provisions of section 39 of the Act (Exemption of appointed representatives) work. For example, it gives guidance on the conditions that must be satisfied for a person to be appointed as an appointed representative. It also gives guidance to a firm on the implications, for the firm itself, of appointing an appointed representative.
SUP 12.1.3GRP
The chapter also sets out the FCA'srules, and guidance on these rules, that apply to a firm before it appoints, when it appoints and when it has appointed an appointed representative. The main purpose of these rules is to place responsibility on a firm for seeking to ensure that: (1) its appointed representatives are fit and proper to deal with clients in its name; and (2) clients dealing with its appointed representatives are afforded the same level of protection as if they had
SUP 12.1.5GRP
2This chapter also sets out:5(1) guidance about section 39A of the Act, which is relevant to a MiFID investment firm6 that is considering appointing an FCA registered tied agent; and5(2) the FCA’s rules, and guidance on those rules, in relation to the appointment of:5(a) an FCA registered tied agent by a MiFID investment firm6;5(b) a MiFID optional exemption appointed representative; and5(c) a structured deposit appointed representative.5
SUP 12.6.10GRP
66(1) The rules and guidance relating to training and competence in SYSC 3 and SYSC 5 and in TC for a firm carrying on retail business extend to any employee of the firm in respect of whom the relevant rules apply.15(2) The specific knowledge and ability requirements in SYSC 28.2 and TC 4.2 for a firm with Part 4A permission to carry on insurance distribution activities apply to a relevant employee (as defined in SYSC 28.1.2R and TC 4.2.3R) of the firm.15(3) For the purposes of
SUP 12.9.5RRP
2If a MiFID investment firm5 appoints an FCA registered tied agent5 this section applies to that firm as though the FCA registered tied agent5 were an appointed representative.
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
PERG 4.12.1GRP
Section 39 of the Act makes provision exempting appointed representatives from the need to obtain authorisation. An appointed representative is a person who is a party to a contract with an authorised person which permits or requires the appointed representative to carry on certain regulated activities. SUP 12 (Appointed representatives) contains guidance relating to appointed representatives.
GEN 5.1.1GRP
1This chapter contains:2(1) guidance for firms, authorised payment institutions, registered account information service providers9 and authorised electronic money institutions8 and their 7appointed representatives, agents7or tied agents5on the circumstances in which the FCA12 permits them 7to reproduce the FSA and FCA logos12;28812712(2) rules on the use by firms of the Key facts logo.2
PERG 5.13.1GRP
Section 39 of the Act (Exemption of appointed representatives) exempts appointed representatives from the need to obtain authorisation (or, in relation to an appointed representative with a limited permission, provides that sections 20(1) and (1A) and 23(1A) of the Act do not apply in relation to the carrying on of the regulated activity which is comprised in the business for which his principal has accepted responsibility and for which he does not have limited permission)1. An
PERG 8.12.12AGRP
6Article 16(1A) applies to non-real time financial promotions and solicited real time financial promotions made:(1) by an appointed representative who is carrying on an activity to which sections 20(1) and (1A) and 23(1A) of the Act do not apply as a result of section 39(1D) of the Act; and(2) for the purposes of the appointed representative's business of carrying on a controlled activity which is also a regulated activity to which sections 20(1) and (1A) and 23(1A) of the Act
The purpose of this guidance is to help persons consider whether they need authorisation or a variation of their Part 4A permission. Businesses1 who act only as introducers of insurance business are directed in particular to PERG 5.6.2 G1 to PERG 5.6.9 G1 to help consider whether they require authorisation. This guidance also explains the availability to persons carrying on insurance distribution activities1 of certain exemptions from regulation, including the possibility of becoming