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COLL 6.3.12GRP
(1) In determining the appropriate manner of making prices public, the authorised fund manager should ensure that:(a) a unitholder or potential unitholder can obtain the prices at a reasonable cost;(b) prices are available at reasonable times;(c) publication is consistent with the manner and frequency at which the units are dealt in1;(d) the manner of publication is disclosed in the prospectus; and(e) prices are published in a consistent manner.(2) Examples of what might be deemed
(1) Changes may be significant depending in each case on their degree of materiality and effect on the scheme and its unitholders. Consequently the authorised fund manager will need to determine whether in each case a particular change is significant in nature or not.(2) For the purpose of COLL 4.3.6 R a significant change is likely to include:(a) a change in the method of price publication;(b) a change in any operational policy such as dilution policy or allocation of payments
COLL 4.3.13GRP
(1) 3The authorised fund manager of the feeder UCITS or feeder NURS4 should assess the change to the master UCITS or qualifying master scheme4 in terms of its impact on the feeder UCITS or feeder NURS4. For example, a change to the investment objective and policy of the master UCITS or qualifying master scheme4 that alters its risk profile would constitute a fundamental change for the feeder UCITS or feeder NURS4. In order for the feeder UCITS or feeder NURS4 to continue investing
(1) The value of the scheme property is the net value of the scheme property after deducting any outstanding borrowings (including any capital outstanding on a mortgage of an immovable).(2) Any part of the scheme property which is not an investment (save an immovable) must be valued at fair value.(3) For the purposes of (2), any charges that were paid, or would be payable, on acquiring or disposing of the asset must be excluded from the value of that asset.(4) The value of the