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COBS 22.2.3RRP
(1) 1The requirements in (2) and (3) must be met if:(a) the firm is not providing an investment service in the course of MiFID or equivalent third country business; and(b) the retail client is not otherwise receiving a personal recommendation4 on the mutual society share from the firm or another person.(2) The firm must give the retail client the following statement on paper or another durable medium and obtain confirmation in writing from the retail client that he or she2 has
COBS 22.2.5RRP
(1) 1For the purposes of any assessments or certifications required by the exemptions in COBS 22.2.4R, any references in COBS 4.12 provisions to non-mainstream pooled investments must be read as though they are references to mutual society shares.(2) If the firm is relying on the exemptions for certified high net worth investors, certified sophisticated investors or self-certified sophisticated investors to comply with this section, the statement the investor must sign should