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9A firm must not make a personal recommendation to a retail client in relation to a retail investment product or P2P agreement12if it knows, or ought to know, that:(1) the product’s charges,12 the platform service provider's charges or the operator of the electronic system in relation to lending’s charges 12are presented in a way that offsets or may appear to offset any adviser charges or platform charges that are payable by that retail client; or(2) the product’s charges or other
This section does not apply to a firm when a retail client receives basic advice in accordance with the basic advicerules.
COBS 2.3.12ERP
(1) 1This evidential provision applies in relation to a holding in, or the provision of credit to, a firm which holds itself out as making personal recommendations to retail clients on retail investment products or P2P agreements10, except where the relevant transaction is between persons who are in the same immediate group.55(2) A retail investment product provider5 or operator of an electronic system in relation to lending10 should not take any step which would result in it:5(a)
5Where a retail investment product provider or operator of an electronic system in relation to lending, 10or its associate, provides credit to a retail client of a firm making personal recommendations in relation to retail investment products or P2P agreements10 or giving advice, or providing services, to an employer in connection with a group personal pension scheme or group stakeholder pension scheme6, this may create an indirect benefit for the firm and, to the extent that
4Examples of information a firm advising on P2P agreements or P2P portfolios10 should provide to explain the specific nature and risks of a P2P agreement or a P2P portfolio10 include:(1) expected and actual default rates in line with the requirements in COBS 4.6 on past and future performance;(2) a summary of the assumptions used in determining expected future default rates;(3) a description of how loan risk is assessed, including a description of the criteria that must be met
COBS 4.5.10GRP
4Operators of electronic systems in relation to lending and firms which advise on P2P agreements should also have regard to the guidance in COBS 14.3.7AG and COBS 14.3.7BG regarding the types of information they should provide to clients to explain the specific nature and risks of P2P agreements.