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(1) A firm should have a conceptually sound risk management system which is implemented with integrity and should meet the minimum standards set out in this paragraph.(2) A firm should have a risk control unit that is independent of business trading units and reports directly to senior management. The unit should be responsible for designing and implementing the firm's risk management system. It should produce and analyse daily reports on the risks run by the business and on the
The values that have been obtained for the delta-equivalent positions of instruments included in the scenario matrix should then be treated in the same way as positions in the underlying. Where the delta obtained relates to interest rate position risk, the delta equivalent positions may be fed into the firm's interest rate pre-processing model to the extent that the positions fall within the scope of interest rate pre-processing models as set out in BIPRU 7.9.7G and provided that
BIPRU 7.10.135RRP
To the extent that a position does not fall within the scope of a firm'sVaR model permission the firm must calculate the PRR under the standard market risk PRR rules1 or, as applicable, those provisions as modified by the firm'sCAD 1waiver.
Where BIPRU 7.7 permits a firm to calculate the PRR charge for a position in a CIU using the rules in BIPRU 7 relating to the underlying investment, a firm that has:(1) a CAD 1 model waiver that covers positions in CIUs may use the rules as modified by that waiver; and(2) a VaR model permission that covers positions in CIUs may use its VaR model.