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There are a number of general methodologies for calculating PRR using a VaR model. The appropriate regulator does not prescribe any one method of computing VaR measures. Moreover, it does not wish to discourage any firm from developing alternative risk measurement techniques. A firm should discuss the use of any alternative techniques used to calculate PRR with the appropriate regulator.
BIPRU 7.10.127GRP
Firms who gained model recognition before 1 January 2007 will be permitted to calculate PRR for specific risk in accordance with the methodology they were permitted to use immediately before that date instead of capturing event and default risk in their models (see BIPRU TP 14 (Market risk: VaR models)). This treatment will not be available to a firm that gains model recognition after that date.
Without prejudice to other provisions in BIPRU 7.7, a position in a CIU is subject to a collective investment undertaking PRR (general market risk and specific risk) of 32%. Without prejudice to provisions in BIPRU 7.5.18R (Foreign currency PRR for CIUs) or, if the firm has a VaR model permission, BIPRU 7.10.44R (Commodity risks and VaR models) taken together with BIPRU 7.5.18R, where the modified gold treatment set out in those rules is used, a position in a CIU is subject to
(1) Where a firm is aware of the underlying investments of the CIU on a daily basis the firm may look through to those underlying investments in order to calculate the securities PRR for position risk (general market risk and specific risk) for those positions in accordance with the methods set out in the securities PRR requirements or, if the firm has a VaR model permission, in accordance with the methods set out in BIPRU 7.10 (Use of a Value at Risk Model).(2) Under this approach,
Where BIPRU 7.7 permits a firm to calculate the PRR charge for a position in a CIU using the rules in BIPRU 7 relating to the underlying investment, a firm that has:(1) a CAD 1 model waiver that covers positions in CIUs may use the rules as modified by that waiver; and(2) a VaR model permission that covers positions in CIUs may use its VaR model.
A firm may use the commodity extended maturity ladder approach to calculate the commodity PRR for a particular commodity provided the firm:(1) has a diversified commodities portfolio;(2) undertakes significant commodities business;(3) is not yet in a position to use the VaR model approach to calculate commodity PRR; and(4) at least twenty business days before the date the firm uses that approach notifies the appropriate regulator in writing of:(a) its intention to use the commodity
A firm is required under GENPRU 2.1.52 R (Calculation of the market risk capital requirement) to calculate its market risk capital requirement using the rules in BIPRU 7. However, the appropriate regulator may at the firm's request modify GENPRU 2.1.52 R to allow the firm to calculate all or part of the PRR for the positions covered by that model by using a CAD 1 model (for options risk aggregation and/or interest rate pre-processing) or a VaR model (value at risk model) instead.
Waivers permitting the use of models in the calculation of PRR will not be granted if that would be contrary to BIPRU. When granting any ‘waivers’ the FCA will have regard to the CAD.1 Accordingly, the only waivers permitting the use of models in calculating PRR that the appropriate regulator is likely to grant are CAD 1 model waivers and VaR model permissions.