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BIPRU 13.6.67RRP
(1) A firm'sCCR internal model method model must meet the validation requirements in (2) to (8).(2) The qualitative validation requirements set out in BIPRU 7.10 must be met.(3) Interest rates, foreign currency rates, equity prices, commodities, and other market risk factors must be forecast over long time horizons for measuring CCRexposure. The performance of the forecasting model for market risk factors must be validated over a long time horizon.(4) The pricing models used to
A firm may use the CCR standardised method only for financial derivative instruments and long settlement transactions.[Note: BCD Annex III Part 5 point 1 (part)]
BIPRU 13.5.10RRP
A firm must not recognise netting for the purpose of applying the CCR mark to market method to an exposure treated under BIPRU 13.5.9 R (that is, the exposure value must be determined as if there were a netting set that comprises just the individual transaction).[Note: BCD Annex III Part 5 point 19 (part)]
BIPRU 13.5.25RRP
A firm must determine the exposure value net of collateral, as follows:exposure value = *max(CMV-CMC;(j)((i)(RPTij)-(l)(RPClj))*CCRMj)where:CMV = current market value of the portfolio of transactions within the netting set with a counterparty gross of collateral.That is, where:CMV = (i)(CMVi)where:CMVi = the current market value of transaction i;CMC = the current market value of the collateral assigned to the netting set.That is, where:CMC = (l)(CMCl)whereCMCl = the current market
BIPRU 13.3.15RRP
(1) 1In the cases in BIPRU 13.3.14R, and where the option in the second sentence of BIPRU 14.2.10 R is not applied, the exposure value for CCR for these creditderivatives is set to zero.(2) 1However, a firm may choose consistently to include for the purposes of calculating capital requirements for counterparty credit risk all credit derivatives not included in the trading book and purchased as protection against a non-trading exposure or against a CCRexposure where the credit