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When an MCD mortgage lender or an MCD mortgage credit intermediary, provides information in compliance with the requirements in MCOB relating to an MCD regulated mortgage contract, it must provide that information free of charge.[Note: article 8 of the MCD]
COBS 13.6.1RRP
1A firm that agrees to facilitate3 the payment of an adviser charge or consultancy charge, or an increase in such a charge, from a new or3 in-force packaged product, must prepare sufficient information for the retail client to be able to understand the likely effect of that facilitation, in good time before it takes effect2.2
MCOB 12.6.1GRP
Firms are reminded that, in relation to a regulated mortgage contract which is solely 2for a business purpose or is with a high net worth mortgage customer2, who is not a consumer under an MCD regulated mortgage contract,3 in circumstances where MCOB 7.7.1 R applies, if there is a new early repayment charge or a change to the existing early repayment charge, MCOB 7.7.1 R(2) requires a firm to notify the customer within five business days of the maximum amount payable as an early
MAR 5.6.2RRP
3A firm operating an MTF must give the FCA a summary of: (1) any proposal to introduce, amend or renew a scheme for rebating or waiving fees or charges levied on its members or participants (or any group or class of them), at the same time as the proposal is communicated to those members or participants; and (2) any such change, no later than the date when it is published or notified to the members or participants.
(1) 2This chapter amplifies Principle 6 (Customers' interests), Principle 7 (Communications with clients) and Principle 9 (Customers: relationships of trust). (2) The purpose of this chapter is to ensure that: (a) customers are adequately informed about the nature of the service they may receive from a firm in relation to equity release transactions. In particular firms need to make clear to customers the range of equity release transactions available from them and the basis of
(1) Where a fee is payable, the firm must inform1 its customer of the amount of the fee1.(2) The information in (1)1 must be given before the customer incurs liability to pay the fee, or before conclusion of the contract of insurance1, whichever is earlier.(3) To the extent that it is not possible for an amount to1 be given, a firm must give the basis for its1 calculation.[Note: articles 19(2) and (5) of the IDD]1
COLL 6.13.2RRP
(1) An authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme2must ensure, for each portfolio transaction relating to a scheme it manages, that a record of information which is sufficient to reconstruct the details of the order and the executed transaction is produced without delay.(2) The record referred to in (1) must include:(a) the name or other designation of the scheme and of the person acting on behalf of the scheme;(b) the details necessary to identify the instrument in question;(c)
COLL 11.6.9RRP
(1) Where:(a) the authorised fund manager of a feeder UCITS has submitted the documents required under COLL 11.6.5R (2) and (3); and(b) does not receive the necessary approvals from the FCA by the business day preceding the last day on which the authorised fund manager of the feeder UCITS can request repurchase or redemption of its units in the master UCITS;the authorised fund manager of the feeder UCITS must exercise the right to repurchase or redeem its units in the master UCITS
(1) 16The authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme that is a feeder UCITS must:(a) where requested by an investor, provide a copy of the prospectus of its master UCITS free of charge; and(b) file a copy of the prospectus of its master UCITS and any amendments thereto with the FCA.(2) Except where an investor requests a paper copy or the use of electronic communications is not appropriate, the prospectus of the master UCITS may be provided in a durable medium other than paper